Friday, June 18

Clairvoyants Just Can't Read Me

Clairvoyant with crystal ballYears back, in my experimental days, I went to see quite a few clairvoyants to see what they could tell me. Could they inform me or give me signs of the future? Would they come up with something that they couldn't possibly have known about me beforehand?

Unfortunately, in my case, the answer to both questions was 'no' - and being a 'believer' I was greatly disappointed.

I reached a conclusion that perhaps I'm a difficult person to read, perhaps I'm too guarded. I say this because one clairvoyant looked at my hand with a puzzled look, then moved on to cards and finally said words to the effect of, "Sorry, but I can't tell you anything as I'm not picking up a thing."

This worried me slightly as I thought there might be something she was hiding from me, but she assured me there wasn't any bad news - or good news - because she just couldn't see anything at all. This didn't exactly fill me with confidence. She did say, however, that I was psychic. She smiled, held her hand over mine and asked if I could feel her energy. It could perhaps have been a lovely moment but I thought I had better leave!

I then went to see Acora who describes himself as a 'world renowned Romany clairvoyant' and was recommended to me. He saw stuff, but it had no relevance to me and nothing he said has ever come true.

He told me, for instance, that I would soon move into property developing and would own houses which I would rent out. Sounded good but then, by 'coincidence', I got talking to another man who had seen Acora as well and guess what he was told? Yes, that he'd move into property etc.

The thing about both of us was that, when we saw Acora for a reading, we were both dressed in business suits and ties and carrying brief cases - enough said.

I had my tea leaves read. A sweet old woman who told me I must be careful when I go potholing. Potholing! There's nothing I'm less likely to do. I hate the thought of squeezing into confined spaces.

And so it went on.

There was a Tarot lady, again a personable woman, but all she could end up telling me was that all that really matters is happiness. Might have been relevant I suppose but there were no predictions.

I don't know how many clairvoyants I saw but none of them could say what I'd done in the past, what my future holds or anything worthwhile.

Maybe it's just me. My wife went to see someone, when we first met, and she was told things about me (is nothing sacred!) that were true and also that she could see us, as a couple, in a white car with a small boy in the back seat. We had a son twelve months later, and a new white car.

Sceptics will say that my wife gave away clues whereas I didn't. Could be, but I'm still convinced that we can see possible avenues for our lives in advance - after all there is no such thing as time. We still have a certain control as to whether we take the full journey down these avenues or not.

I've been able to see things myself into the future in dreams, in meditations and with feelings just out of the blue.

I guess the clairvoyants I saw just couldn't read me.

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  1. If you haven't read Michael Crichton's Travels, by all means do. This post reminds me of sections in that book where he had the same experience and was doing the same sort of research. Terrific post.

  2. Thanks for the book recommend - I haven't read this.

  3. i went so see a psychic and he told me i would meet a long haired woman who had two children. i did and now we are married.

  4. Anonymous16:43

    I'm sort of the same way and did find one life-counselor who explained that I have no need of being "read" because I had the ability to do better myself than others could do for me. Which means I have to take personal responsibility for all my choices and have only myself to blame when they create challenges. :)

  5. Now that's interesting. I've always thought that we are responsible for our own lives - so I guess I don't need to see into the future. When I was visiting these clairvoyants I was really doing it to find some sort of 'proof', perhaps they picked up on this. Proof comes in other ways.

  6. I have had tea leaves read once, many years ago, where the woman said there was something wrong with my horse's diagonal legs. It turned out when I was selling the horse, an x-ray revealed severe arthritis in the fetlocks of the right foreleg and left hind. I hadn't known at the time the horse had this as He never showed any lameness. That one was right on.

    For myself, only on odd occasions can I come up with something on another person. And no, I'm not picking up anything while here.

    Mike, you might be one of those souls who is here only for the ride through. I met a woman who had tried to find out what her life purpose was to no avail. And she had a Master Level in Reiki and nothing. I think some people are not meant to know what their purpose in life is or what their future entails.

    Since this blog reveals your intense curiousity on this subject, you might have had a paranormal existence in another life or several lives.

  7. Barbara: The tea leaves story is good to hear.

    I hadn't heard previously of where someone could be here 'only for the ride through.' That's interesting, must give it some proper thought.

    As for a paranormal existence in other lives: could be as right as from a young age I had an interest in such things - also was 'attracted' to Tibet.

    Many thanks for your comment - has given me something to ponder.


  8. I agree with TerriPatrick. I believe that it means that you are supposed to get your own messages directly. From previous posts, it sounds like you are well on your way to tuning in yourself.

  9. Wow, how'd I miss this one??
    Cool post. Unreadable Mike! Love it.

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  11. Anonymous10:46

    I've been told that I'm unreadable, that I've been 'mind wiped'.
    I've also been told I'm clairvoyant and accidentally seen some things that have ended up quite true.
    It's all very interesting.