Friday, August 13

Aboriginal Elders Dream Led Police to Dead Body

Here's an sad story from Australia about a precognitive dream that wasn't quite what it first appeared.

An Aboriginal elder had a dream about the body of a child being buried and saw the location of where this was. This made sense as there is a search going on for six-year-old Kiesha Abrahams from Mount Druitt in Sydney who disappeared mysteriously from her bedroom.

The spot seen by the elder in her dream was at the Nurragingy Reserve at Doonside in western Sydney, which is a sacred Aboriginal site.

The police followed up on the dream and found a dismembered torso wrapped in plastic - but it wasn't that of the missing six year old.

The body is possibly that of a Sidney woman who has been missing for just over two months.

Detective Chief Inspector Pamela Young, from the homicide squad, when questioned by reporters about the incident is quoted as saying, "I understand that the woman (the Aboriginal elder who had the dream) thinks that she might have some powers along that (psychic) line. I have certain strong feelings about people who claim they are psychic. I don't think it will help if we enter a discussion on that." Read into that what you will.

As for the Aboriginal elder, Cheryl Carroll-Lagerwey, she said that she didn't consider herself to be psychic but had a 'third sense'. She simply said "I can't explain this. I had a dream about a little girl being murdered and that her body was about there."

This is a heart breaking story, lets hope that little Kiesha will be found safely. She was last seen around 9.30pm July 31, 2010. If anyone has any information please go to Help Find My Child.

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