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How Dreams Solve Problems And Questions

DreamsI recently wrote a post with examples of how some famous dreams produced some amazing results.

Today though I'm taking a slightly different track about how we can get answers to problems or questions with the help of dreams.

Here are a couple of illustrations which I have amongst my cuttings.

The first is from the author of self help books Dr Joseph Murphy. He writes: "I once lost a valuable ring, which was an heirloom. I looked everywhere but couldn't locate it.

That night I talked to my subconscious. I said to it, prior to dropping off to sleep, 'You know all things; you know where the ring is and you now reveal to me where it is.'

In the morning I awoke suddenly with the words ringing in my ear, 'Ask Robert.'

I thought it strange that I should ask Robert, a boy about nine years of age; however, I followed the inner voice and intuition.

Robert said, 'Oh, yes, I picked it up in the yard while I was playing with your boys. I placed it on the desk in my room. I didn't think it worth anything, so I didn't say anything about it.'"

Dr Murphy claims it was his subconscious / unconscious which provided him with his request for information.

The second example is again about finding something. This time a will.

The father of the gentleman concerned had died and apparently hadn't left a will. His sister, however, claimed that their father had told her in confidence that he had made one, which was fair to both of them. All attempts to find the will failed.

Prior to sleep the man talked to his deeper mind. His words were: 'I now turn this request over to the subconscious mind. It knows where that will is and reveals it to me.'

He then condensed his request to one word: 'Answer.' He repeated this over and over, almost like a lullaby until he fell asleep.

The next morning the man had an overpowering hunch to go to a certain bank in Los Angeles. He discovered that this was where the will had been lodged - in a deposit box in his father's name. With the right authority he was able to gain access to the will.

Again in this second example the man in question believed the answer came from his unconscious mind.

Personally I don't think it makes any difference as to who or what can answer our questions or problems. It's for us to choose what we are comfortable with, whether that be: unconscious mind, angels, God, Universal Mind, saints, deceased relative or whatever. The important point is that we can get the answers we need with the help of dreams.

The usual format I follow is: once in bed, I still my mind and relax completely.

I then think over the problem or question and try to solve this myself. If I can't find the answer I imagine how pleased I would be if I had found the solution and allow my mind to ponder this mood and the satisfaction of having found the answer.

I drop off to sleep knowing I have the answer to my problem or question.

The solution may come within a dream or a feeling on waking. Should the answer not come right away - no worries. I know the answer will arrive, so I go about my normal day and don't think about the problem (after all it is already solved).

When I am preoccupied with something else then, ding, what I'm seeking will pop into my head or the info will come from another source. Maybe something someone says or from a book, newspaper or almost from anywhere.

If the solution hasn't arrived by the end of the day, I repeat the format.

If you have ever done, say crosswords or something similar, sometimes there are one or two clues that you just can't solve. But I bet if you go back to it later then the answer is often obvious. You wonder why on earth you couldn't get it before. Your 'mind' has effortlessly been solving this for you. It's a similar principle with any problem.

Answers and solutions are always there - if we ask - and dreams can help with this.

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  1. Sometimes you don't hear a voice or feel a nudge. You simply wake up knowing where the lost object is. These are terrific examples.

  2. thats interesting i sometimes get answers to problems when i wake up but i dont try anything to get these solutions.

  3. Mike, these are such great reminders and techniques shared.

    "Ask and you shall be answered."

    Thank you.

    wv: breelit

  4. Anonymous19:00

    Hello Mike!
    I am new to your blog and I enjoy it very much!

    After reading many of your posts, I came across this one. I recently lost a ring my boyfriend gave me. So before bed one night I asked my subconscious mind to reveal where it was hidden. The next day I was in the mood for cleaning and I came across my ring! I truly believe this technique helped me find it.

    Thanks for the help and keep up the great posts!