Wednesday, September 15

67 Not Out Readers Coincidence Stories - 5

Another set of coincidence stories today received from 67 Not Out readers - my thanks for your contributions, very much appreciated.

phone clip artThe Unexpected Phone Call
My wife recently got a phone call from Dr.B., someone she hadn't spoken to in many years.

He said he was calling because he remembered that we had been to Budapest back in the 1990s, and he wanted the name of the guide we used.

Try as she might, my wife couldn't remember the name of the guide. Suddenly, she heard the call-waiting beep on the phone.

My wife excused herself to Dr.B. for a second to answer the other call. And who was this other caller? Yes, it was Laszo F., the Budapest guide, calling to say hello after more than fifteen years.

- Joel

A Goodbye From A Friend
A couple of years ago I decided to take advantage of the Internet and search for my childhood best friend. We parted ways because of an argument we had when we were in our late teens and hadn't spoken since.

So I searched on all the obvious sites, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, etc... and couldn't find anything about her... so I figured I'd give up until tomorrow.

The next day, I was reading the obituaries I had sent to my email everyday, and there she was, she had passed away. She died of breast cancer. I felt terrible that I wasn't there for my best friend when she went through what she did... however, I felt this was a message from her to let me know that she was okay and she wanted to say goodbye.

- Christina

Baby Shows The Way To Family History
Like most families, mine wasn't too concerned with our history until the people who knew it were almost gone.

My grandmother couldn't remember anything of the story of how our ancestors came to Canada. There was no other way to find out what we wanted to know.

Then grandma's first great-grandchild was born. The baby was given his name for reasons related to the other side of the family. But when Grandma heard the name, a light bulb was lit.

Purely by coincidence, the name was also the name of the small town in Saskatchewan where her grandparents had settled. With that small hint, she suddenly remembered the name of their village in Romania and other information that allowed us to collect quite a bit of the family story that we thought was lost forever.

Grandma's first great grandchild is a very special one indeed!

Thanks for the great site!

- Carolyn

White Feathers Help Bereaved Sister
I wanted to say thank you for your post about white feathers and how they sometimes can help the bereaved - see White Feathers Comfort The Bereaved.

I had recently lost my sister and was feeling very down. I decided to got for a walk and outside my front door there was a large, almost fluffy white feather. I probably wouldn't have given this any significance but for your blog.

For some reason I felt I should visit my sister's grave. There was a bus stop nearby and as I reached it a bus, which passed by the cemetery, pulled up. I got on so I could visit the grave.

At the cemetery I could see another woman standing near to what seemed to be my sister's grave. It was too soon to have a headstone. The woman turned out to be a childhood friend of my sister and I who I hadn't seen for maybe ten years. She had read of Maggie's death and decided to pay her respects.

That was a big enough coincidence until I noticed that on my sister's grave was another white feather.

I'm not sure if this was a message from my sister but it brought me great comfort as did seeing our friend at the graveside - who I would have missed if I hadn't of decided to get on that particular bus.

Since that day I have seen several more white feathers and they bring a smile to my face.

- Yvonne

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  1. another nice set Mike always good to read

  2. Fantastic stories. The white feather phenomenon: I'm running across that one more and more frequently. I'm beginning to wonder if it's an archetypal symbol for spirit contact.

  3. Great stories. I'm puzzled by the white feather story. Just yesterday I met someone who was talking about the same thing following her mother's death. I'm not sure what to believe but if it brings comfort it must be good.

  4. Christina04:01

    I am the one that posted "A Goodbye From A Friend"

    I would just like to point out that it had been at least 20 years since I spoke to my friend Cinda before I suddenly decided to search for her online.... only to find out reading the obituaries the day after I started the search..that she had past away....very sad. I was completely blown away.