Thursday, November 25

The Dog Who Waited And Waited For His Owner

A puppy dog waits for his owner
In Jiaozhou Road, Shanghai a dreadful fire broke out on November 15th which killed 53 people. A golden retriever puppy, called Jingjing, must have thought his master was inside so he lay on the ground beside the fire waiting and waiting for his return - he wouldn't move or eat and drink.

Occasionally the puppy would break his vigil to walk back and forwards in a distressed state near to the site of the fire.

When the dog lay still once more firefighters covered him with a blanket and left some food, but he refused to eat. Local residents claim that the dog had tears running down his face. One tried to take him home but the dog growled, determined to remain where he was.

Eventually a firefighter did manage to take the dog to the fire station as the puppy was completely exhausted.

Two days later the dog's owner turned up at the fire station. Jingjing ran towards the owner and the two were reunited. Jingjing hadn't eaten for several days.

Footnote: Though I used the words 'master' and 'owner' in the post this isn't the real relationship between man, woman or family and their dog. It is much more than this, as the story illustrates.

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  1. What a great story. We've had 2 goldens and they're very devoted dogs. At first, with this photo, I didn't think i could read any farther. I was afraid the story wouldn't end well. I'm glad it did!

  2. Yes, a happy ending for a dog who looked so sad.

  3. Anonymous15:34

    Thought this might appeal to you.

    I was heading to the Psychic Fair last weekend but when I got there I saw a sign that said "Psychic Fair cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances."

  4. That picture! Had me almost in tears but a happy ending thank goodness.