Thursday, November 11

The Secret Of Visualisation

VisualisationI've written previously about visualisation and how it can sometimes bring us the things we want or answers to questions and problems. Graphic: Nevit Dilmen

My personal system is to simply visualise whatever it is I desire, in as much detail and with as much feeling as possible, and then ... release the whole image and thought from my mind.

Just as I would when posting a letter. I'd pop it in the mail box and then just forget about it. I feel it's the same principle with visualisation. How the letter or mail is delivered isn't my concern and neither is how my visualisation will be answered or brought about.

I mention this because of some research done at the Radboud University in the Netherlands. They have found when facing, say, a tough decision it is best to think about the problem and then forget it or sleep on it.

They say that distracting yourself with something else helps the 'brain' come up with the ideal solution.

It seems that those who consciously struggle with a difficult question or problem are most likely to get the wrong answer, compared with those who put it on the mental back-burner.

Experiments were done with students to reach their findings. By forgetting about the problem or request it allows the subconscious mind time to weigh up the pros, cons and the solution.

Psychologist Maarten Bos who led the research at Radboud University said, "Unconscious thought produces better decisions than when people decide immediately.

Although in our current experiments participants did not actually sleep on their decisions, the benefit of a period of rest is clear.

It allows us to differentiate between vital and the irrelevant aspects. When your grandparents advised you to sleep on a decision first, they may have intuitively sensed the benefits of letting it rest to get a clear grasp of one's priorities."

This also emphasises that one of the best times to visualise is prior to sleeping. This allows the unconscious mind time to bring about the things we want while we sleep.

The secret of visualisation therefore is: Visualise and then ... release it and forget it.

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  1. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools we have. Great post, Mike. I think I'll try this by sealing the visualization in an imaginary envelope and mailing it in an imaginary envelope, addressed to The Universe.

  2. I use this method - and think it works well.

  3. I hadn't thought of putting the visualisation in an envelope - sounds an excellent idea. Will experiment with it - thanks.

  4. OK, mine is in the envelope to9 be mailed today!

  5. Good Luck!

    I posted (mailed) a visualisation envelope today as well.