Saturday, February 19

Finding Money And Coins Coincidence

A few of the coins my wife has found
coins and finding coins

As I have written before my wife is always finding coins.

On our recent visit to west London she found a coin, next to our car when we parked at the motorway services. We had stopped for coffee and a cake. "I'm bound to find three while we are away," she commented.

We reached our hotel and, after dumping our stuff in our room, went for a walk. We crossed the road by some traffic lights and on the barrier was another coin, her second. "One more to go," she said.

The next day we were walking through woods at Ruislip Lido and she spotted a one pound coin on the path ahead. A small girl walking with her parents in the opposite direction also spotted the coin and raced ahead to pick it up. My wife laughed that the girl had picked up 'her' coin. She didn't mind, of course, as it was a delight to see the small girl's expression when she claimed her 'gold' coin.

That night we went for yet another walk and, sure enough, on the pavement was my wife's third coin - with no little girl in sight!

When we got back to the hotel I looked at the dates of the coins to see if there was any significance: 1988, 1999 and 2010. I didn't notice it straight away, but there is a difference of eleven years between each coin, in other words 11:11. And, by coincidence, I have already scheduled a post about 11:11 for tomorrow, which was written prior to us going away.

My wife finds coins because she expects to do so. In this example, when she believed she would find three that's what happened. I must try to get her thinking about bigger things! Okay, joking aside, what this does illustrate is our potential to create. If we can conjure up three coins then why not a new car, happiness, better circumstances, love, knowledge - well, anything at all. All that holds us back is our belief, and that's often the difficult bit to overcome.

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  1. Anonymous08:12

    Well, like your wife, I'm delighted in a coin. But my husband would really like a lottery win. :)

    Love my WV: Disies (Dizy?)

  2. I remember before how you said Karin found coins. She believes she will find them and therefore does. Maybe she'll win you the lottery tonight as well. But you'll have to share it with me! :)

  3. The 11s in this synchro are really great. And you're right. It's belief. A lottery win sounds about right, Terri!

  4. Whenever I'm out walking I often find coins, too. I take it as a message from God that he's taking care of me and that my finances are in fairly good order, which they are.

  5. yes, so about being "open" - expecting and knowing - and then, receiving! always always works - very neat post! and i love the coins aspect -

  6. Definitely being open to these things brings more of them to us, as you know!

    I love that your wife predicted she'd find three and voila -- she did!

  7. A few years a go when I first learnt about the Law of Attraction as a test I affirmed to the Universe that I wanted to find a penny on the ground every time I went for a walk. To this day I still find pennies on the ground although now I have learnt to Think Bigger.

    1. Sean, you are right about 'thinking bigger' - we get the same degree of anything as we put out.