Sunday, February 20

11:11 And 111 The Numbers Of The Age

11 11Much has been written about 11:11 and all sorts of combination of numbers with 1s, 11s and 111s. Often these are associated with various possible meanings. My blogging friends Trish and Rob have published posts on the subject and Uri Geller has written at length about 11:11.

This year, for example, we will have some unusual dates: 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11 and 11/11/11. But here's something a bit different:

Take the last two digits of the year of your birth and add this to the age you will be this year and the answer will be 111.


Born 1976 and will be 35 this year. 76+35=111
Born 1999 and will be 12 this year. 99+12=111
Born 1914 and will be 97 this year. 14+97=111

The only difference is if you were born 2000 or later. If so the answer will then be 11. (But there's a good chance you won't actually be reading this blog!)


Born 2001 and will be 10 this year. 01+10=11
Born 2010 and will be 01 this year. 10+01=11
Born 2007 and will be 04 this year. 07+04=11

1111 pyramidDo all of these 1s, 11s and 111s have any significance? People the world over are reporting how the numbers are appearing in their lives. They look at a clock and it's 11:11, something happens on the 11th and so on. We are in mysterious times so everything could be relevant.

P.S. Multiply 1111 by 1111 and you get 1234321, which is a pyramid - as per the diagram

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  1. Love these 11s! They do seem to indicate some type of heightened awareness. But of what?

  2. interesting stuff looks like the 11s are everywhere

  3. This is amazing! I wish I could figure out what it all means. Thanks for putting this post together Mike...very much enjoyed reading about's always been something of interest to me....and it seems many others....

    Hope you're enjoying a relaxing Sunday.

  4. totally fascinating, mike! gee, now to just determine what it all really really means! great post!

  5. Can't escape the 11:11 phenomena! I started seeing 555 (5:55) back in 1997 and once I acknowledged what I was seeing out loud to my family, the flood gates were opened and I've been seeing recurring numbers ever since!

  6. Anonymous05:40

    Your blog is a great find. I am glad to read of yours and others' experiences. The 111 was introduced to me in a conversation circa 1982-1986. A co-worker mentioned the aspiration to occupy the 111 E. Oak St., a Chicago shopfront. Very high-end street then and now. Thereafter was aware of 111 and 1111 somehow. Becoming more prominent in the mid-90s and have continued non-stop since. I look at the clock somewhere---on phone, on computer, on oven, at work, at home, in car. Been sharing it with others. When in company of someone frequently seeing the clock would look at each other (starting mid 90s) and say "It's 11:11! or It's 1:11!" in a high-pitched exclamation with our eyebrows raised and laughing. It was so frequent then and still is.

  7. Melanie, Expat in Auckland05:19

    The emergency services phone number (Police/Fire/Ambulance) here in New Zealand is 111. Makes it a bit eerier!