Friday, January 7

The Magic Of Our Ancestors Can Bring Us Success

Researchers have been doing what they do best: researching. This time it's Peter Fischer from the University of Graz in Austria. The gist is that we can gain strength from our ancestors. Remembering them can even help us get a new job - but only if we actually want one, of course.

It seems that if we are - say - going for an interview or an important exam we can give our chances of success a boost by first spending a few minutes thinking about our ancestors. Perhaps of our grandad doing his bit during one of the world wars for example.

Okay, it may sound a bit daft at first but this so called 'ancestor effect' works as a reminder to the brain, or mind, that difficult hurdles can be overcome - as grandad proved during his part in the war.

There were tests undertaken on 80 volunteers. It was found that there was a definite improvement among those who, before the tasks were performed, were asked to consider what previous generations of their families had endured.

Researcher Peter Fisher told the European Journal of Social Psychology:

"Our ancestors managed to overcome a multitude of problems, such as severe illnesses, wars, loss of loved ones or severe economic declines.

When we think about them we are reminded that humans who are genetically similar to us can successfully overcome a multitude of problems."

So there we go, our ancestors can come to our aid in an indirect, or maybe even a direct way. Mind you, many old races believe(d) in the power of their ancestors. Perhaps this research isn't exactly groundbreaking after all.

Jung also had his archetypes and Plato told of mental forms, that were imprinted in the soul before it was born into this world.

In magic symbols are used to influence or to bring about a desired result.

Thinking about ancestors, archetypes, mental forms and so on is simply another form of what we like to call magic.

In magic a spell may be be cast, a talisman made or a ritual performed. This is no different to thinking about our ancestors before a job interview or exam.

We all have the power to influence our environment and achieve the things we wish. What 'extras' we use to help us along the way is our choice.

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  1. Interesting! I never thought of calling on my ancestors. I'm not even sure who my ancestors are, but now I'm going to do some digging around in my geneology. Great post!

  2. i think i once read about native americans calling on the ancestors for assistance. interesting post

  3. Mike, what an interesting post. This called out to my Native American side.......your blog is always so interesting to read.