Monday, February 21

How To Recognise A Cosmic Master And His Message

Cosmic baby
There is often talk of Cosmic Masters who are on earth to help us along our journey through life. But who or what are these entities?

The Cosmic Masters are simply men and women like us but with one difference: they attained the mastery of life while on earth. I have an old clipping from a Rosicrucian document that goes into slightly more detail:

"The Cosmic Masters were mortals who rose above the temptations susceptible to degrading and enslaving them to the weaknesses and vices of mankind.

They reached mastery by learning to awaken the powers of self and to use these powers to guide their life according to the cosmic plan. Thus they slowly developed their soul personality until it no longer became necessary for them to reincarnate in a physical body, having learned all of the cosmic lessons. Therefore, their inner consciousness, clothed in great wisdom lingers in the Cosmic as the perfume of wild flowers lingers behind after they have been removed."

It's sometimes written that these Cosmic Masters will assist us and help us on our journey through this life. As I see it this is no doubt true, but only if we are prepared to help ourselves. It's no short cut to wisdom or answers.

We all have to stand on our own two feet - to use an old cliche - and overcome what life throws at us. We are, after all, here to learn. If the teacher always gives a child the answer he or she won't learn the method. Just as we cannot and/or should not lean on a government we have to accept our personal responsibilities.

The Cosmic Masters will surely only help us as individuals when we are fully prepared and worthy of their assistance.

As I understand it the Cosmic Masters talk to us by a form of intuitive inspiration after we have tried our utmost to solve the matter ourselves.

This Cosmic Masters intuition is preceded by a sign, which becomes personal to each of us, and distinguishes it from our own intuition. Again I'll quote from my Rosicrucian clipping:

"Sometimes, during such contacts, there is a visual psychic impression of a colour upon the inner consciousness, which will manifest as a luminous band of purple, violet, or any other colour having a mystical significance.

Such contacts may also be accompanied by a combination of notes of a particular musical tune by which the Master will signify his presence.

Sometimes a sentence of two or three words will sign the message. These words may be alien or intelligible, but they will always remain the same. During the contact certain persons will smell a particular odour or perfume - as of a rose or of incense, for instance. In any case, this sign or symbol will be personal to each."

My conclusion: We can obtain assistance from the Cosmic Masters providing we deserve help - and when it arrives the signs will be there to show that it is genuine.

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  1. great post wasnt sure what the cosmic masters were before. so you are saying we could become them? dont think i will get there this life. my school reports always said 'must try harder'

  2. Anonymous12:43

    Interesting post, arrived at your blog from your lens on Squidoo. Lots of interesting posts and I've spent to long here!

  3. I love this material you've been posting on the Rosicrucians. Very informative.

  4. Fascinating post Mike!

  5. Anonymous23:34

    Great post.

    I would change one word in the description of a Cosmic Master.

    Instead of "they attained the mastery of life while on earth." I would state it as "they attained the mastery of SELF while on earth."

    Of course that's just me nit picking because if a Cosmic Master is having a life on earth they are a self.

    I adore this phrase of the quote:
    "until it no longer became necessary for them to reincarnate in a physical body,"

    What I adore about it is that in my belief, Cosmic Masters CHOOSE to be here on earth as men and women to inspire US on our journey.

    wv: squisist (that must be you, I don't Squidoo) :D

  6. The Rosicrucians have a profound way of looking at things. My greant aunt introduced them to me in the late 60s, and as I was only thinking about them the other day, here you are posting about them...again.

    These times are changing and people are becoming more enlightened through messages from the Cosmic Masters and the divine. So true about the signals.

  7. Tara Hocking15:33

    This is quite bizarre, but always, since being a little girl there have been random moments when i've smelt a particular fragrance, light and refreshing, almost like a floral parma-violet smell and like nothing i've smelt before; very distinctive. After reading this it's made me wonder whether it could be a cosmic master. How interesting.