Tuesday, February 22

The Peanut Allergy Psychic Prediction

PeanutsA reader's experience today via email from Jean - thanks!

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"Lately I have been meditating a lot according to private religious practices. On the days of particular concentration and piety I find I have strange psychic/clairvoyant experiences.

One day on an airplane, while flying home over the holidays, I reflected on the fact that all flights served peanuts, and came to wonder about people with severe allergies to the nuts and what they did when they traveled. Did they call in advance? Is there a peanut-free zone created? Are the airlines annoyed or happy to oblige? On I daydreamed about what I would do if I had a peanut allergy and was flying.

There was a small layover. Then, on my connecting flight, the first thing the flight attendant said was, "Please note that we have someone with a severe peanut allergy on board and this will be a peanut free flight. Please refrain from opening any food products with peanuts."

This was absolutely wild, in a lifetime of flying (I am 28) I have never heard anything like that, nor ever wondered about it.

Love your blog, thought I'd share."
- Jean

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  1. Good one! A precognitive synchronicity.

  2. nice story mike

  3. Jean of the Peanut Realm04:30

    Thanks for publishing this! Such a silly but not quite trivial event. Maybe I'll write up some of those others and send them in officially.
    Sufi meditation & Qu'ranic study= magic, peace and faith, alhamdullilah.