Monday, March 14

The Precognition Of The Moving Finger

magic finger and handA strange thing happened, well I thought it was.

There's no doubt a name for it, but I can't think what it is at the moment. I'm talking about how it's possible to pick words at random from a book and these turn out to have some significance.

It's something I hadn't done for ages but for some reason I decided to do this on Sunday afternoon. I chose the Bible, shut my eyes and then turned the book over and over until I didn't really know what way it was up. I plunged my finger into the book and stopped when I felt it was right.

The word my finger rested on was 'Samuel' - following this was 'and said, Samuel, my son. And he answered, Here I am.' **

And within minutes our front door bell rang. At the door was my grandson Samuel! With his mum and dad, of course, as he's only seven months old. So there he was, just as the Bible had predicted he would be! The son of my son.

Okay, it wasn't really the Bible that predicted this perhaps it was more like some sort of telepathic link - I'm not exactly sure.

I remember, however, using books years ago to try and receive messages or guidance. I often came up with something relevant or at least thought I did. I used all sorts of books at the time, even a dictionary.

I also remember a witch saying how she learnt to do this from her mother. Her mother's finger would move around at random within a book and she would write down several words she found in answer to questions.

This particular witch said she did this herself when in a new relationship. The word she turned up from her dictionary was 'dynamite' and, seemingly, that's how the romance was. Obviously I'm not exactly sure what she meant by this!

Doing this sort of thing is mostly for light amusement but it can turn up some interesting results. As long as it's not taken too seriously!

Coincidence, synchronicity, telepathy, precognition? Call it whatever you like, but it works - sometimes! And like with Samuel, sometimes you feel a tingle that tells you something special has happened.

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**I Samuel 3:16

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  1. Must give this a try and see if my fingers are talented too.

  2. Good one, Mike! Love it when stuff like this happens.

  3. Anonymous15:55

    I have tried doing this myself and it works. I use the bible. You have an interesting blog, but I disagree with your views on reincarnation. I have a more Christian belief. Anna

  4. This post surely speaks volumes to me.;)
    I have recently become so aware of synchronicity and all the serendipitous occurrences around me. I see signs literally everywhere and i find it so amusing to have tuned into my new found sensitivity.
    I never tried to use books as guidance, although this reminds me of a very appealing little movie called "Next Stop Wonderland" that deals with this issue.:)
    Thank you so much for stopping by my place and for your kind comment.;) I truly enjoyed my visit here and will be back.;)

  5. Must give this a try...sounds like fun and might be quite insightful. I take nothing for granted...never know which of my guides is helping me move my finger.