Sunday, May 22

Ants In The Pursuit Of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness graffiti
In principle I suppose I don't approve of graffiti but sometimes it can be amusing or even meaningful and artistic.

I saw these graffiti, or maybe it's street art, examples in Crete. The first is on rock face steps which have the legend 'This way for Pursuit Of Happiness'. The ants have certainly taken this message to heart. There is a constant stream of them crossing the words - as can be seen by the enlarged section of the photo below. They are even taking their young with them in pursuit of happiness!

Ants with their eggs in pursuit of happiness
But some street art is a bit classier as these two from someone who signs as Gouro. Both found on walls in Crete.

Street art by Gouro in Crete
Crete street art
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  1. looks like even ants are looking for signs of happiness. we are similar

  2. It's most likely what we are all in pursuit of, so why shouldn't the ants take their young as well!

  3. These are great! I especially love the ants and their young in pursuit of happiness.

  4. what a great great shot of these little magical ants winding their way to happiness! love this!!!