Wednesday, August 10

The Textual Frustration Coincidence

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This is a coincidence story I saw on our local television news last night. It's very short but it shows how life can change because of one random action.

Tina from Yeovil was bored and textually frustrated. She wasn't sure what to do so she took out her trusty mobile phone and entered the message: "Feel like talking?"

Ah, but who should she send the message to? "I know," she thought, "I'll make up a number and see what happens." Well, probably words something like that.

She 'dialled' a random number and a man called Andrew Baldwin answered. He was at work but must have felt in need of some textual attention himself, so he replied with one word, "Yes."

And that's the story, other than to say that Andrew and Tina are now married and have two small children. Tina found the perfect number.

P.S. Suppose I'd better write a "Elf & Safety" warning, as it appears there is one for absolutely everything we want to do or try nowadays: '67 Not Out blog does not encourage or recommend unprotected, random textual contact.' There, that should keep the interfering busy bodies happy.

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  1. lol : I'll heed your warning! Great little story.

  2. A good one! And now that you've written your disclaimer, you can't get sued!

  3. Aww..nice story. Almost fairy tale like...wish people weren't so paranoid about doing this all the time. Not so much to find true love...but just to know that we can reach out to one another. Someday....

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this story! i've often thought of doing a similar little experiment - sociologically speaking - like mailing out 100 postcards around the globe and seeing who answers - have talked about it for several years - now, off to pull out those postcards i bought! ;)

  5. Your blog has quickly become on of my favorites, I enjoy your stories

  6. Absolutely incredible!