Tuesday, October 25

Santa Eulalia Church And The Roman Bridge

Santa Eulalia
As we approached Santa Eulalia by boat - while on our holiday in Ibiza - the town's church was easily seen, high on a hill in the background.

The Puig de Missa dates back to the 16th century, and is under the district of the parish of Saint Mary. In west London, as a baby, I was Christened in the church of Saint Mary where my parents had been married, so a bit of a coincidence there.

Santa Eulalia church Puig de Missa
I felt quite at home after climbing to the top of the hill to visit the Santa Eulalia church - as I like arches! And the church has many fine examples, as can be seen by the photos.

Church at Santa Eulalia, Ibiza
Church at Santa Eulalia, Ibiza
Puig de Missa, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza
From the church there are great views of the town, sea and countryside. Look to the east and there is a Roman bridge, which was originally used as the route into Santa Eulalia town. After our visit to the church was over we made our way to see the bridge.

Roman Bridge at Santa Eulalia
The bridge has recently been renovated and, in my opinion, a little too much work has been done. It's good that it has been preserved and not allowed to crumble, but somehow it didn't feel quite right.

Roman Bridge at Santa Eulalia, Ibiza
As for the Romans they date back to 123BC when they conquered Ibiza and the Balearic Islands.

Though Ibiza never became part of the Roman Empire they did rename the island as Ebusus.

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  1. I think you could make anywhere seem interesting! Always enjoy your travel posts as you always find interesting angles (or arches!)

  2. Love those arches. The church looks very white, like photos I've seen of buildings in Greece.

  3. Nice post,Mike.
    This church reminds me in style,of a church in Brisbane,that is one of my favourite churches architecturally.
    One that I have always felt a spiritual pull towards for some reason,from my teens onwards...even through to this day.
    And I'm not a member of the Roman Catholic Church,either.
    So it's not a religious thing at all,it's more like nostalgia,but not from this life.
    In fact I just realized there is a synchronicity of sorts with this church,so I'll do a quick post on it.
    Oh...and the sync involves your name.