Thursday, January 12

You Can Feed People With Love

Victoria sponge cake

I've often thought and written how good it would be if we all did something every day to help others.  Must be from my old Boy Scout training, where we could tie a knot in our neckerchief if we had done a good deed that day.  Mind you, I didn't stay long with the Scouts once I fully realised there were girls in the world! But Cath Webb has put the theory of helping others into action, and has taken on a mission to do something every day to help the needy.

Cath, from Hale in England, is making a sponge cake for someone every day.  And she's been doing this, without fail, since the 6th of April 2011.  She set out to do this as a one year 'mission'.  So the homeless, hospital staff, the needy and so on have benefited.

It all started from when a good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She wasn't sure what to say to her so she made her a Victoria sponge and left it in her friend's porch, together with a note.

Her friend's reply by text touched Cath deeply. It simply read: "You can feed people with love."

Cath has a job as a teacher, a husband and three children but nothing has stopped her to date from completing her daily task. She said, "My husband was typically grumpy about it to start with, he kept moaning about how much it was costing with ingredients and he's had to do all the washing and ironing for months because I haven't had time."

"But on days when I've felt like giving in - like the time I sat in the kitchen and felt like weeping because I had come home without any sugar - he has stepped in and gone out in the dark to the shops for me, or helped deliver cakes."

Cath even baked her cakes while on holiday in Cornwall over a camp fire!  There's always a way if we really want to do something.

The mission will end after baking 366 cakes.  She says about this, "I won't feel relieved. It's been a really incredible, uplifting experience and I will be very sad when it comes to an end."

The side effect of doing something for others is that it usually reaps benefits for us, as individuals or groups, as well - though this shouldn't be the aim of our efforts. It's just good to feed people with love.

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  1. Let's get cooking. On second thoughts maybe not, my culinary skills are often mocked. I do agree about doing something for others, including for people we don't know, it can make a difference. Trying to think what I could tie a knot in to remind me if I have done a good deed or not that day. Pass on that I think.

  2. My culinary skills are pathetic. But I love this message and will come up with something.
    wv: muste - must?!

  3. Suzie: I don't believe that bit about your cooking skills - I've read your lens' on Squidoo, remember!

    Trish: I'm sure you're just being modest about your culinary skills as well.

  4. Anonymous02:05

    I love seeing proof that there really are good people in our world. So much news focuses on the horrors in this world, it is nice to see some uplifting stories once in a while.