Tuesday, February 21

The Magic Of Fowey Cornwall

Fowey town, Cornwall

Yesterday I wrote that I was about to visit Fowey, so I thought I'd continue with this today.

Fowey (pronounced Foy - rhymes with Boy), Cornwall is an ancient, magical little town set on the river Fowey where it meets the sea. It's also known as Daphne Du Maurier country as the author lived in the area for many years and her books are often based in Cornwall.

If we stay with the Daphne Du Maurier theme she lived in the house called Ferryside, pictured below, and it was from here that her first books originated. Her house is the one on the water's edge to the right of the photo.  It was a cloudy winter's day so the pictures aren't as good as they would be in summer.

Ferryside Cornwall, Daphne Dy Mauriers's house

The house is called Ferryside because it is next to a slipway for the ferry which takes cars and passengers across the River Fowey. The photo below shows the ferry with Daphne Du Maurier's house to the right in the distance.

Ferry crossing the River Fowey, Cornwall

The town of Fowey is all narrow streets and old buildings, not really suitable for cars - though they do make their way through if necessary via a one way system.

FoweyCornwall narrow roads

The sky cleared briefly when I photographed the church and there was even a touch of blue.

Fowey chuch Cornwall

The quay, from where a small passenger ferry runs across the river to Polruan, ...

passenger ferry from Fowey to Polruan Cornwall

... has it's own pub, The King of Prussia, in a garish shade of pink!

King of Prussia pub Fowey Cornwall

Fowey has it's own small beach at Readymoney Cove. We didn't swim, much too cold! I took the photo below from where we sat to eat our lunch. It was perfect as there was no one else about. In summer though it gets quite packed.

Readymoney cove and beach Fowey Cornwall

Readymoney cove again below. From the far side there is a path, next to the wall, that leads up to St.Catherine's Castle and then along the cliffs. A lovely walk in the summer.

Readymoney cove and beach Fowey Cornwall

Fowey in Cornwall is a good place to hideaway.

The Hideaway in Fowey Cornwall

And, just in case you need to keep up with the news here's the cottage of the town crier. You might just be able to make out the sign above the door number.

Town Cryer cottage Fowey

If you are in Cornwall I'd recommend a visit to Fowey, but don't forget to pronounce the name properly, otherwise the locals will realise that you are an emmet. Fowey is also the start of my favourite walk. Maybe I'll write about that another time.

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  1. How beautiful and magical! Was this where DuMaurier lived when she wrote house on the strand? It remains one of my favorite time travel novels.

  2. Trish: By then she had moved to Kilmarth - about 5 miles along the coast from Fowey. Kilmarth was the setting for The House on the Strand. If I'm that way I'll try to remember to take a photo.

  3. Nice pictures Mike,and you must show us that walk you were talking about.
    I had to chuckle at the Cornish beach that everybody flocks to in summer though.I guess in Australia we are just too spoilt for beaches.
    Even under the Story Bridge there is a bigger beach than the one in this post and I hardly see anyone using it in winter,or summer.
    And that word Emmet...I love it,but it always makes me think of clowns,like Emmet Kelly :-@

    1. I might well do a post for my favourite walk, but would be a lot of photos! There are better beaches in Cornwall by the way!