Friday, February 10

Neptune And The Little Harbour In Cornwall

Neptune carved our of wood Charlestown, Cornwall

We were out and about in Cornwall, on a cold, grey winter's day and came across this new carving of the Roman Sea God Neptune at the harbour village of Charlestown.

The carving has been created from a tree outside one of the old cottages. It was carved by Peter Martin and commissioned by Sarita and Jason Miller. Neptune has a purpose, and it is to raise funds for the new local Little Harbour children's hospice - picture takers are welcome but are asked to pop some money in a box for the charity. Please, if you are passing and take a photo, leave some money to help terminally ill children. Thank you.

Charlestown, Cornwall a wooden carving of Neptune

I like Charlestown. It sticks in my memory because we visited the village on the morning of this millennium. It was quite foggy and as we looked back from standing on the harbour wall it was like being transported back to the 1700s when it was first built.

As with our recent visit the tall ships were in, as they often are and create something more akin to a film set, but this is all for real.

Charlestown Cornwall view from harbour wall

Charlestown Harbour Cornwall

One of the things about being out and about - even on a cold, grey day - is that you never know what you might see: Neptune, tall sailing ships, harbour from the 1700s and ... a fairy house, built into a part of the harbour wall.  Most people will never see this unless they are very sharp-eyed (and believe in fairies!)

Fairy house on the harbour wall at Charlestown Cornwall

Below is a video showing the new Little Harbour children's hospice I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Having a fit, robust little grandson it breaks my heart to think that we need such places. But we do and such hospice's do a wonderful job. If you are in Cornwall or England please support your local hospice - thank you.

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  1. I found that quite touching, and also the video. Charlestown looks lovely too.

  2. I like that Neptune symbolism. Not only does Neptune rule the seas, but in astrology, he also is about kindness and compassion. Good post, Mike.

  3. Trish: Kindness and compassion - I didn't know that but sounds perfect!

  4. The fairy house is a delight and where it should be, near short and precious lives. It's nice to see all the colors, comfort and focus on fun within these walls. It's proof that we are more compassionate today to children in need.

  5. Thanks Therese: The hospice is a wonderful place and it's so good that parents are able to stay overnight as well. It's somewhere that, as strange as it seems, is full of happiness and laughter. We are indeed much more compassionate today - a good sign.