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Did Jesus Visit St George's Island Looe Cornwall

St George's Island or Looe Island Cornwall

We had hoped to visit St.George's Island off the coast of Looe in Cornwall as there is a legend that Jesus visited the island as a child. Unfortunately boats to the island only run from May so we had to view the island from the coast as per the photo above.

I have written previously about Jesus visiting Cornwall (England) see The Mystery Of Jesus Visiting Cornwall In England and Why Jesus Visited Cornwall In England.

In the case of St George's Island, also known as Looe Island or Lammana, Jesus is said to have visited the island as a child with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea who dealt in tin, amongst other things, which was at that time readily available in Cornwall. The tin mines are now all closed.

While Joseph conducted business, local to the island, it is said that Jesus was left on the island.

In 1085 a small Chapel was built on St George's Island. What I didn't realise until visiting the area again was that there was also another chapel opposite the island on the mainland. I noticed this as Karin, my wife, and I walked along the coastal path and saw the sign below which states: 'Lammana Chapel Celtic Site'. So we headed up the steep hills to take a look.

Sign post to Lammana Chapel Looe Cornwall

After reaching the chapel it was a little disappointing as very little remains other than great views. I was pleased though - being a Michael - that the name of the chapel was shown to be St Michael of Lammana. It was built in the 12th century by the Abbey of Glastonbury. Jesus may have also visited Glastonbury. The chapel was destroyed at the Reformation in 1548.

The photo below shows St George's Island from the chapel remains.

St George's or Looe Island from St Michael of Lammana Cornwall

I've since found out that the chapel on St George's Island is also called St Michael of Lammana. The mainland chapel was built because pilgrims heading to the island were often prevented from crossing because of bad weather. Though in my photos the sea is quite calm it can get very stormy and many pilgrims lost their lives trying to get to the island in rough waters or with unsuitable boats.

There isn't much to see of the mainland chapel. It was excavated in the 1930s when various artifacts were found and also buried bodies. The site was then left to nature but recently a fence has been erected around the building. A couple of photos follow ...

Ruins of Lammana Chapel, Looe, Coprnwall

Lammana Chapel ruins, Looe, Cornwall

... and an artist's impression of how St Michael of Lammana would have looked in the 1200s.

St Michael of Lammana, Looe

A final look from St Michael of Lammana looking eastward. Did Jesus really walk these hills?

View of West Looe Cornwall

Photos: © Mike Perry 2012

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  1. As I often say I love all your Cornwall posts, go on do a special blog for them. Haven't heard of Looe Island before, all looks wonderful.

  2. Wow, it's all beautiful. I enjoy these Cornwall posts, too. Vicarious traveling!

  3. Anonymous08:28

    And did those feet, in ancient times

  4. Is there any evidence that Jesus really visted?