Saturday, March 31

Weird Photo Of A Testicle With A Face

This is very weird. In February of 2011 I published a post titled The Bizarre Case Of The Haunted Scrotum. This shows a CT scan of a man's testis looking very much like a haunted face. Now here's another similar photo.

The picture on this post claims to be an ultrasound image, again of a man who had a 'mass in his testicle'. As you can see it shows what appears to be a face of a man who looks to be in pain - and in the circumstances, why wouldn't this testicle be in pain!

There is a quote said to have been made by Dr G Roberts of the School of Medicine at Queens University, Kingston: "It looked like a man screaming in pain, which I thought was hilarious considering the clinical picture of the poor guy."

And there I was thinking that doctors were a sympathetic bunch, appears not.

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  1. Re:
    "It looked like a man screaming in pain"

    Under the circumstances,you'd think he would be having a ball .-)

  2. Truly weird. Got to wonder about the doc's remark!

  3. I was just reading an epic poem posted by a blogging friend MK Ultrasound;

    and saw this line in the poem,and this post of yours sprung to mind -

    " Male genitals are small faces
    forming trinities of thieves
    and Christs
    Fathers, sons, and ghosts."

    His work can be a bit on the dark-side,but it is thought provoking.I guess that's why I like it.
    I like his artwork mash-ups,as well.

    1. Thanks Darren, will take a look at his blog.