Monday, May 28

The 315 To Majorca

315 to Majorca

My son arrived home - with his wife and son - from a holiday on the Balearic Island of Majorca. After watching the video they had made, which included lots of footage of my wonderful grandson, he said, "Here's a coincidence for you."

When they drove into the official Bristol Airport car park, prior to departure, they parked in space number 315, after seeing a coach destined for Eastbourne - being also a number 315.

On arrival at their hotel in Majorca they were allocated room number - yes, you've guessed - 315.

While he was away I was on the Internet, looking up the hotel where he was staying. I remembered that I read: 'The Balearic Islands have an excellent climate with around 315 days of sun per year, wonderful golden beaches and a rich cultural offering.'

As for that 315 coach, Karin had been saying to me during the week that she would like to visit Eastbourne again, maybe later this year.

So, 315 seems to be the number of the moment for my family!

As for my son's holiday - it was great!

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  1. So they were in the synchro groove! Love the synchros with numbers.

    1. Yes, in the synchro groove - it's a good place to be, mostly.

  2. Mike: that's really strange yet amazing! Beautiful place.

    1. Thanks Dixie. The island is lovely though there are some very commercial places that have been spoilt by too many British and German tourists.

  3. Re:
    " As for that 315 coach, Karin had been saying to me during the week that she would like to visit Eastbourne again, maybe later this year."

    I Googled "315+Eastbourne" in Google images and found a picture of a Salvation Army Chapel,which I thought was a sync,because we left an old 3-piece lounge suite out for the Salvos to pick up this morning (which they just did a few moments ago).
    So I clicked on the photo,which took me to this site;

    "List of places of worship in Eastbourne"

    which lists all the churches of Eastbourne.
    I thought it would be great if you could do one of your photo tours around some of these old churches.
    Then I read on this page "According to the 2001 United Kingdom Census, 89,667 people lived in Eastbourne." I liked the 67 on the end of that 89,667.-)
    I tried to get some more info on the All Saints church at Eastbourne and came across this site;

    "All Saints was built between 1867 and 1869 on land given by the 7th Duke of Devonshire and All Saints Chapel was added in 1874."
    (1867...there's that 67 again.-)
    The photos on this site are impressive and when I went to look at their public events page I saw that on 23rd September 2012 there is a concert by a guy named Terry Lees.
    I went to Terry's site;
    and he had 23 likes on Facebook ?!

    Eastbourne sounds (and looks) interesting to me.If you do go,please do a photo post Mike.

  4. I forgot to mention in the comment above that the 23rd of September is my birthday.
    Also on the Eastbourne churches page I came across the Eastbourne Christian Spiritualist Church and thought I would try and Google a bit of info them (not that I'm really into Spiritualist churches that much)and I came across someone by the name of Sharon May

    who must appear there at times,and I found this on her page;

    " One of the most commonly known signs is for the angels to leave a calling card of a feather; this is usually white,however the angels will use whatever is available to them, it may be tiny up to a large swan feather. There may have been times that angels have also left things of small value for you to find, this is usually finding small coins in unusual places, this indicates that any financial worries that you may have, are being dealt with by the angels."
    I notice that their services are at 3(15?)pm on Sundays.Might be worth checking out? But I have never had a worthwhile experience at a spiritual church (which was only twice)...but you might?

    1. Thanks Darren, have sent you an email (to Hotmail address) - appreciate your comments.