Saturday, June 26

The Coincidence Of The Numbers Of Life

Newspaper headline
The two clippings - above and below - are from the UK's Daily Mail newspaper.

Numbers 33 and 76Before I go any further I'll explain that the house number, where I live, is 76 and my previous address was a bungalow with the number 33.

I'll now get to the point of this post. Researchers for the Axa insurance company have been doing a study of door numbers and have reached some statistical conclusions regarding whether certain addresses may be burgled, suffer storm and fire damage and so on. This is what the Daily Mail said, as per the cutting above right.

"So start worrying anyone living at No 33 - you are most likely to suffer from burglary, fire or flood. By contrast, stand proud those with 76 on the front door - you have the best record, say insurers Axa."

So, by coincidence, I'm one of the proud ones, now being at 76. Whereas previously I was in an insurance risk home being at 33.

All of this rings true for me. I'm not trying to tempt fate, I have my fingers crossed and I've touched wood, but my present house has been very lucky for me. So much so that I am reluctant to move. My previous home though wasn't so lucky and there were, what shall I say, a few problems and life there wasn't quite so smooth.

Carrying on with the numbers theme. I've also written a post previously saying how 76 features as a significant number generally in my life - followed by 6s and 7s - thus the url address for this blog - i.e.

I was looking at the Stumbleupon website this morning, where one of my posts has been listed. It's the one about a Captain Perry and his NDE - Perry being my surname. This particular post has had 67 referrals from Stumbleupon.

Captain David Perry Near Death ExperienceI also wrote recently that Stumbleupon sent me exactly 76 referrals when I wrote about my dead father in the post Speaking To My Dead Father

So 67 and 76 referrals when the name Perry is mentioned - coincidence? Or is there something more meaningful about numbers and how they appear in our lives? I reckon there is.

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  1. Thank you for edifying; I was always curious about the Title of your blog. What does 'Not Out' signify?

    wv: gnihyd (?)

  2. Love this one. Interestingly, #33 in the I Ching is entitled retreat! You're the only person I've heard of so far whose lucky numbers are 76. The article is fascinating in that insurance companies actually notice stuff like this.

  3. How odd. I don't think I've got a special number, but I quite like Number 1!

  4. My apartment numbers stay similar over the past ten years: 110 and 102. One of my friends has moved to several apartments, all were 205.