Friday, May 18

The Budgie From Kashmir Proved Her Identity

Here's a little story from Audrey about how clever birds are. It's not strictly a coincidence story but it's quite amusing ...

'My mother's budgerigar got lost recently. Mum had taught it to speak, in particular, a silly rhyme which it relayed in her husky voice.

One day, however, she left the window open when it was out of its cage and it flew away.

The postman had been particularly fond of the bird's recitation and was upset by the loss. He said he'd keep an eye out for it.

Several weeks later, he excitedly told my mother he'd seen her budgie in the next village.

My eldest sister's boyfriend was a policeman and accompanied my mother to the address given where, in the window, she saw what she thought was her bird in a cage.

They knocked on the door and asked how long she had the budgie.  She said a few weeks and it had been a present. Gordon, the policeman, asked if it could talk but the woman said it had been silent since she had it.

My mother then said the first words of the rhyme: "Budgie dear ..." whereupon the bird burst forth with: "Budgie dear, all the way from Kashmir, did you walk it? No fear!" in an identical voice proving it was really my mother's bird.

So it was a fair cop. Case solved. Clever creatures these budgies.'

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  1. Haha. My budgie loved Jimmy Buffet: "cheeseburgers in paradise..." memories!

  2. Thanks Trish, Terri and Dixie.