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Distinguishing Between False And True Signs

cat thought he was a lion

Often on this blog I've talked about signs and symbols. I've mentioned, for example, about how white feathers are meaningful for me and black feathers have indicated bad luck. Coincidences or synchronicity have also been important in my life.

All well and good, but sometimes I feel we can overdo such things. Reading the signs can easily become an obsession so that we end up being 'guided' by all sorts of symbols, signs and happenings. For instance early last week I walked out of my front door and there was a big black feather waiting for me. "Oh, bad luck coming. Wonder what the feather signifies," I immediately thought.

black feather
After arriving back home from a walk, just before my house, there was another black feather - was this to reinforce the warning?

By the end of the week nothing had happened, all was well with my world. Phew!

What I'm getting at is that we have to be able to distinguish between genuine and false signs. "But a black feather is a black feather," you may argue.

It is, but my own belief is that any 'true' sign or symbol has an actual power that goes with it. Personally I see the sign and there's an inner feeling that goes with this. It's hard to describe, other to say that it simply 'feels' right. Intuition has perhaps clicked in.

It's also the same with dreams. Some 'feel' as if they are meaningful and may include a message or a warning about something. Other dreams are simply dreams.

As we are individualised parts of the whole, we recognize true signs or dreams in various ways: perhaps a tingle, a feeling in the stomach, heart or somewhere deep inside, maybe what seems like a voice is heard and many other ways. It's up to us to decipher how we sense genuine signs - that black feather could have simply fallen from a passing bird.

If we come to believe that everything is a sign of some sort we'll drive ourselves nutty and will miss out on so much of life. In fact it may have the very opposite effect to what we wish.

Going pack to my personal signs with feathers. If I see a black feather and think immediately 'bad luck' I could well create something bad with my own thought patterns. What we give out, we get back. In other words we see a false sign or symbol and then attract what it is that this sign or symbol means to us. In this case we feed the effect or outcome.

Somehow we have to work out our own personal way of distinguishing the difference between true and false signs.

Our brains seem to be wired to see patterns and to attribute meaning to these. Novice magicians are said to be often led down the garden path because of this, and find delusions everywhere instead of truths. The sorcerer's apprentice needs intelligence and discernment to distinguish between the truly magical and the mere ordinary.

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  1. A friend of collects feathers to make dream catchers. You might say he turns negative signs into positive signs. To each their own, that's for sure!

  2. You're absolutely right on with this post, Mike. The personal meanings we assign to symbols, whatever they are, register intuitively first of all in the body, somewhere. A hunch. You know.

  3. I agree. Sometimes a feather is a feather. The meaning is something we apply, the magic of a feather is - that it is.