Friday, May 11

Synchronicity Of Seeing Someone From Beyond The Grave

Gover viaduct Cornwall

When preparing to write this post I realised that the post I had scheduled for my other blog, Coincidence and Synchronicity, for today was titled 'June 23rd Coincidence'. You'll see the significance to this in a moment.

As we often do, my wife and I went for a walk first thing this morning, nothing special just a regular circle. We made our way under the viaduct in the valley where we live and my wife said, "Doesn't that woman in front of us look like mum?" She was referring to my mother and I had also thought the same. For those who may not know my she passed away a few years back.

We carried on walking and somehow couldn't see the woman any more but thought no more about it. We headed down a road overlooking fields ...

Brown horse in Cornwall

... past an old small church and took the road which leads to our local town. Down a narrow path and to our right we saw another lady walking away from us and this time it was me that said to Karin, "Doesn't that woman like mum again?"


Walking on, a few minutes later we saw yet another woman and we both laughingly said, "It's mum again!"

Okay, I'm not saying that the three women we saw were my mum as a spirit or a ghost, they were probably simply lookalikes with the same white hair that she had before she died.

But there again, sometimes coincidences are synchronicity and are therefore meaningful. So was there some significance or meaning to us thinking we had seen my mother? I guess that's for us to work out.

Oh, and as for today's post on my other blog, which I mentioned earlier, June 23rd just happens to be my mum's birthday ...

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  1. Maybe all three were your mom, Mike, and she's just reminding you that she's around! Interesting post.

  2. Over here, we celebrate Mother's Day this weekend. Those lookalikes always leave me smiling. Nice.