Friday, June 8

Who Is Pulling Your Strings?

Puppet on a string. Woman with strings on a man Sometimes I wonder if my wife is pulling my strings!

After doing something or other I was sitting in the living room reading the newspaper while Karin was making a strawberry cream cake in the kitchen. Our son and family were coming over in the evening. It was then like I heard a voice in my head which said, "Christmas decorations."

We have a spare bedroom that rarely gets used and, after we had taken down the Christmas decorations, I placed them in a box and put the box in the spare room. Okay, I know it's five months ago and I've been lax.

Anyway, I got up from my chair, left the newspaper, went upstairs, got the decorations and put them in the loft where they normally live while not in use.

I then went into the kitchen to see how my wife was getting on with the cake. She'd heard me rummaging about and asked me what I'd been doing. I told her and she smiled. "I was just going to ask you to do that," she said.

Telepathy? Don't know, but about an hour later I was on the computer and this time remembered how a net curtain rail had fallen in our dining room. "Ah," I thought, "No More Nails will fix that." It's a sort of glue and the rail is only very light.

So downstairs I trot, in full DIY mode, and into the garage to get the No More Nails, but it wasn't in the cupboard where it should have been. Most odd.

I went into the dining room and there was Karin with the No More Nails having fixed the curtain rail.

"When did you decide to do that?" I asked.

"About five or ten minutes ago. I thought No More Nails might work."

So, telepathy again? Or simply on the same thought band?

I know we've been together a long time but I don't really want Karin to know all my thoughts. Even in marriage there has to be a few private thoughts, doesn't there?

"Tea, a cup of tea. Now that would be nice," I think privately.

"You making tea?" she asks, "That would be nice."

I'm sure she's hacked into my mind!

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  1. Ha ha, funny. I get this with BF, we often say the same thing or one of us will say 'I was going to say that, but you beat me to it.' I wouldn't want him to know all my thoughts either, though I'd like to track his.

    1. It's probably best if we don't know all of our partners thoughts.

  2. I laughed out loud reading this post. This happens to Rob and me frequently. Partnership telepathy, that's what it seems to be.

    1. We always joke that we've been together too long, but guess we should take care in saying such negative things.

  3. This made me chuckle because it is so true. But what made me laugh more is that, in my reader-feed, the next post to read was by Marcus Anthony and this comment, "Each of us is centred within overlapping pools of consciousness..."

    Partners are right there, swimming and splashing together.

    1. ... overlapping pools of consciousness - I like that, a good description.

  4. Thank Neva. I don't know of Jeff Foxworthy, I'll have to Google him.