Saturday, June 30

The Ghost Sitting On Kate's Bed

We are on the ghost story trail again today with an experience from Kate which, she says, happened to her a couple of weeks ago.

"I read your post written by Celia (see The Ghostly Girl Buried Behind A Cellar Wall) and am sending you my ghost story. No one else believes me but it is true.

I'm 17 years old and my mum and dad always work late. They have their own business so I am often on my own after college. I usually do my study work before anything else.

Two weeks ago I was in my bedroom and I heard the doorknob of my bathroom move. It makes a strange noise like it needs some oil. I looked in the bathroom but nothing was there. I thought it was my imagination and got on with by studying.

Five minutes later I heard another noise and it was like someone had jumped on my bed. I turned round and again there was nothing there.

I went to turn on my light as it was starting to get dark. As I did so I looked in the mirror and there was someone sitting on my bed!!  It was a young man and he had a strange smile which was quite eerie as he looked at me. I quickly turned round to face him but there was no one there on my bed.

I was well spooked so I headed out of my bedroom and again glanced in the mirror and there was the man again still with his silly grin. I was really scared and ran down the stairs. There was a shout, like a scream, so I left the house to run to my aunt's house who lives quite near.

My heart was pounding and I was trembling. My aunt laughed when I told her why I was there and what had happened. She thought I was making it up.

It has never happened again but I will not stay in our house on my own and feel shaky when I walk into my bedroom, even when I know my parents are home.

I have told mum and dad but they also laughed it off and said I had been watching too many horror films but I know what I saw and it wasn't my imagination like everyone else says it is."

~ Kate

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  1. It's too bad Kate's parents don't believe her. This kind of thing probably happens more frequently than we realize. Our daughter experienced something similar - no ghost in the mirror but certainly a strong presence in her room.

    1. I think a lot of people don't want to believe such stories as it is unsettling for them. So they laugh if off or ridicule it.

  2. Now this is a believable story! Seems something happened to Kate.

    Kate, your parents laugh it off but in a way they are probably trying to put you at ease. If they had freaked out, would you have felt better? Of course not, you want your parents to be the strong protectors who are in control and that's exactly what they are doing.

    Don't be surprised if sometime down the road of your adult life if one or both parents tell you they really did believe you but didn't want you to be living in fear.

    Scott McMan

    1. Nice thought that parents are protectors - most are. Sometimes though people just wont accept anything so called paranormal. I hope you are right about Kate's parents.

  3. Whoa, spooked me too.

  4. With all due respect,
    How in the hell is ignoring this poor girl helping her? That's the same ignorance that skeptics generate causing people in very real danger to suffer tragedies.

    She needs to take a pair of blue scissors, bless them in holy water (exorsized holy water is the best) to consecrate it with her prayers, and then place it under her pillow with the points pointing to the headboard of the bed (scissors must be opened).

    If it's evil, that will ward it off. It also protects against Enemy Work (negative magick to harm you).

    And ask her to place Salt around her bed in a circle and to sprinkle some in a Mirror. I suspect the mirror might of been an entry point.

    1. Anonymous12:52

      Sleeping with scissors doesn't sound like a good idea for a lot of reasons. I'd recommend taking a pass on this one.