Thursday, July 5

The Dream Of Elgar's Music Coincidence Story

Elgar music

A coincidence story today by Michael Thurston on the website Beyond Religion:

"One night, I got off the train and was walking to my rented accommodation late at night. It was cold, and I was feeling very despondent, worried about my future job prospects. As I walked home, I phoned my brother and told him I was fed up with believing in God, life after death, and anything related, since none of it was relevant to my life. I went to bed with these thoughts and feelings.

During the night I had a dream in which I was at a formal meeting with scientists or philosophers wearing suits in 1920's or 1930's style. There was a long conversation during which someone asked me if I believed dreams could predict the future. I said yes, but no one in the group seemed to believe me. So I had to shout, "Yes, I do! Yes, I do!"

Then someone asked me who my favourite composer was. I said "Elgar." I don't know why I said that. I like him, but I listen to him very rarely, and if someone had asked me in my waking life, I would have suggested something a little more contemporary. This time they seemed to misunderstand me, and one of them repeated, "Agar...Agar?" so again I found myself shouting in my dream, "No, Elgar! Elgar! Elgar!" This act of shouting woke me up...and I had to fall back asleep again. Having been woken by my emotional outburst, the memory of the dream was very vivid to me.

The following morning I woke up and reached over to the radio to switch off the alarm. But I knocked the radio to the floor by accident, and the fall must have hit the on-switch. The radio, which switched itself on, immediately began to play music by Elgar. I was amazed! I got dressed and ready for work, and still Elgar's music was playing.

I later checked the radio programmes for that day in a newspaper. At the time I had woken up, a special programme (lasting about 2 hours) on Radio 4, devoted solely to the music of Elgar, had just started. At that time in my life I almost never listened to the radio."

~ Michael Thurston"

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  1. This is a good one! Again...what are the odds?

  2. I wonder if Michael got anything from that experience as he made mention of his attitude prior.

    Very interesting....

    Scott McMan

  3. Strange. Especially since Elgar wasn't popular in the 1920's when he composed. 1923 his very last cello concerto was accepted, though many thought they could arrange it better than he had. So two hours of playing time was probably a stretch?!! Then again, I don't know how long the cello concerto lasted, lol.