Sunday, July 1

Secret Of How To Be A Winner

Dixie Normous humour

The secret of how to be a winner!

Apologies for the schoolboy type humour and yes, I know it may be a fake screen capture, but it was emailed to me - so over to you!

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  1. I only just did a post about Byron(Bay) a few hours ago on my blog.
    As I'm heading down next month for the Writer's Festival and can't wait to walk the beaches again.
    Sync !
    Dixie Normous would probably find the walk along the beach quite uplifting in the summertime,I would imagine,but it will be Wintertime here in August.
    So Dixie's surname might have to change to Vaporate for the winter
    months on the beach .-)

  2. Actually that story reminds me of a couple who had the surname Dick,and decided to name their daughter Ophelia for a laugh.
    This is a true story though,so it shows you what Dick's parents can be.
    Pardon the pun...but it is a true story...I just could resist the pun.
    I bet she couldn't wait to get married and change that surname.

  3. Re:
    "I just could resist the pun."
    That should have read
    "I just couldn't resist the pun",but I was too busy laughing to type properly.
    Sorry...I feel like such a Dick.-)

  4. Ha ha! It must be schoolgirl humour as well!