Sunday, July 29

Your Can Never Find A Guerrab Water Seller When You Need One

Morocco guerrab water carrier

I've been going through loads of our old holiday and travel photos. The one above is of Karin and my son when he was eight.

It's not a particularly good picture but it stirred up some memories for me and also made me think about how it's so easy to take water for granted.

The photo was taken in Marrakech, Morocco and the gentlemen surrounding Karin and my son are traditional guerrab water sellers, some call them water carriers. It's more of a tourist attraction nowadays as bottled water can easily be bought in several Marrakech shops.

We had travelled from the Morocco coast to Marrakech on a bus, which wasn't too bad, but on our return journey the bus broke down in the Atlas mountains. The driver simply got out of the bus and walked away into the pitch black night leaving us stranded.

That's the thing about travel, it makes life interesting!

I remember thinking how we could do with a guerrab water seller ringing his bell to make his presence known - but you just can't find a guerrab when you need one! Especially in the mountains.

Luckily we had a supply of our own water. But isn't it great to be able to turn on a tap in our houses and find clean running water. Sometimes we take a lot for granted, well I do.

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I was 'conned' with yesterday's post - it doesn't check out properly which I didn't notice at the time. Apologies to readers! I'll leave the post up for a couple of days and will then delete it - Mike.


  1. You should have taken the Marrakech express,Mike.
    It doesn't make any stops in between.
    Although you might find it a bit hard
    to hold your water until you
    get to Marrakech.-)

    1. Right on, the Marrakech express it is - for any future visits.

  2. Love the photo!
    I like Daz's suggestion!

    1. Those were the days - happy memories.

  3. When I was growing up we had a well. The well drew water from underground springs coming down off the mountains and foothills.

    I was always amazed, even as a child at how good the water was. It wasn't until moving away that I realized there were places where the water wasn't ice cold coming out of the tap in the dead of summer.

    I'll never forget that water I grew up on and I'll never forget how vital water is. Without it, we are not.

    Thanks Mike!

    Scott McMan

    1. Where my wife lived as a small girl they also had a well and natural water. She too remembers the taste.

  4. I'm thankful, especially with the warm weather we're having. When I get hot I turn on the garden hose and splash myself. I put water out for the animals. My though is... in order to have rain come down, we must send the water up. Might sound strange.

    1. Water does go round in circles - though we've had more than our share in England and Wales this summer - torrential at times with floods etc.