Friday, August 24

Lessons On Faith And Life In A Phone Call

Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple Neasden, north west London
Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple, North West London
I was on the phone to Luke last night, who lives in north-west London. We got talking about religions and the like.

He told me how his father, Matthew, had Hindu leanings, though born into a Christian family. This came about because of his life long interest in yoga.

Luke and his father didn't see very much of each other in his early life and they only really got to see each other after Matthew had become terminally ill.

Matthew lived on the south coast of England and was determined to go and see his son in London so, despite his poor health, he went by coach on a day trip. He had faith that he would make the journey safely, which he did.

Towards the end of his visit he told Luke that he would like to visit the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple which is in north west London. Luke told him that they wouldn't have time as he would miss his coach. Matthew insisted they would have time, so off they went despite Luke's reservations.

The temple is quite a spectacle, the carved pieces that make its entirety were carved in India and then shipped over to London.

Luke and Matthew viewed the temple though Luke was anxious about them missing the coach. Matthew again insisted they would have time - and had absolute belief in this.

Being familiar with the London traffic conditions Luke thought they would never get the coach connection at Victoria. When they were ready to leave the temple, they had just over twenty minutes to make the journey. "Have faith," said Matthew, "We will get the coach okay."

In Luke's words the journey to Victoria was 'almost creepy'. Every traffic light was on green and they sailed on through the traffic without any hold ups.

They made it to the coach station but were still a few minutes later than the coach's departure time. Again Matthew assured Luke everything would be okay.

They went to the pick-up point and the coach was just pulling in to pick up passengers. It had been delayed by about five or ten minutes. "I told you we would make it," said Matthew, "Have faith."

This was the last time Luke saw Matthew alive and he is still amazed about the faith his father had that he would make his coach connection. He 'knew' he would make it on time.

By the end of my phone conversation with Luke I felt I had been reminded of several lessons of life.

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  1. My first thought: If people don't tell you, you just don't know. Then somewhere down the road the veil is pulled back. More is revealed.

    1. I think sometimes the veil can be pulled back by the unlikeliest person of circumstances.

  2. I get it about belief and faith but have to admit that I find it hard to always put it into practice.

    1. I suppose it's not meant to be easy. It comes with practice.

  3. Excellent post Mike

  4. Great post. Sometimes, the person with the deepest faith is the one who opens the path for the individual with the least faith.

    1. Thanks Trish. I think you are spot on with your comment.