Friday, August 3

The Devil Or Alien Photo And Montezuma Castle

As regular readers will know I have been going through lots of my photos from the past 25 years.

Amongst the loose photos I came across the one above - but what the heck or who is it? The nearest pics to it were from my USA visit, including Montezuma Castle, as photo below.

The top photo appears, perhaps, to be a person or 'thing' with another young person of 'thing' holding on to it's face. It's probably just - well I don't know what, but when a friend said it looked like the devil this gave me the creeps!

It's no doubt just some simple photo blip of some sort, but thought it might be of interest to readers.

As for Montezuma Castle this was first thought to be Aztec in origin. It's on the I-17  south of Flagstaff on the way to Phoenix.

The castle, which isn't really a castle, was later found to have been built by the Sinagua farmers in the early 12th century.

To quote Wikipedia:

"The monument is not at all a castle, but remains to be named 'Montezuma Castle', despite it having nothing to do with Aztec Empire nor being named after any Montezuma emperors, such as Montezuma (spelled more properly 'Moctezuma')."

There's no mention of any devil (or aliens) being in residence!

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  1. Anonymous12:58

    It's a bear. Whether alive or stuffed & in the dark, but it's a bear.

  2. It's got a look of pig about it.

  3. The verification words for my comment ended in "...evil 23" !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Eerie! Whether it's a bear, pig or a devil, it's strange.

  5. Likely a bear or a dog. It is given a creepy effect though.

    Scott McMan

  6. Big black shadow blotched on the top of red exposed film.

  7. Anonymous04:55

    That's clearly a grizzly bear. But last week I didn't see it that way at all.