Thursday, September 13

Belief Magic For Curing Warts And Attracting Quick Money

Lady doctor

I've been pondering the subject of health recently and how it may be possible to overcome any problems that come our way. My conclusion is that all things are possible with belief, miracles really do happen.

On the lowest of levels lets think of something as simple as warts, which can be a nuisance for some people. There are lots of tales about how these can be cured, but the power behind these stories is belief.

I've collected a couple of wart cures to illustrate this.

(1) "At the age of seven I found a wart on my knee, which in a couple of months, after being knocked, picked at and otherwise damaged, resulted in my upper leg being covered in more than 100 warts.

I was with my mother on a bus one day when an old lady commented on my warts and suggested if they were rubbed with a piece of steak that was then buried in the garden the warts would disappear.

Even at that age I found it unbelievable, but my mother insisted I went through the process and the following day I awoke to find them all gone.

I sill find the result quite amazing." ~ M.E.Trew.

(2) "When my daughter Emma was a child I took her to our doctor with a blemish on her hand. The doctor said it was a wart, and he bought it off her for a shilling, much to Emma's delight, and the wart soon disappeared." ~ Angela Tomlinson

Wart charmers are legendary but it's a similar principle of belief that also makes simple magic spells work. There is usually a necessity to do something that impresses the mind, and in doing so this brings about the required result. A witches example of this follows, for when we might require some 'quick money'.

"On the day of a new moon throw brand new coins into your house from outside and let them roll wherever they will. Leave them where they fall for the rest of the month. As you throw the coins chant, "Money on the floor, money through the door."

Wart cures and magic spells may appear a load of old tosh but it's still an example of belief in action. It's a simplistic form of ritual, investiture, elaborate religious ceremony. They are all carried out to impress on us that they are important and therefore will work - via belief.

Of course we can simply believe in our God or maybe angels or Saints to help us. But whatever we do to create belief I feel we have to fully believe - and this can sometimes be difficult without a crutch of some sort to lean on.

If we can, however, cure warts then the same power behind this can cure or bring about - well, anything. It's up to us how we choose to generate our belief.

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  1. Anonymous10:00

    Interesting that you should mention that...

    When I was twelve I had warts all over one my hand and a few on the other. I went to a doctor for treatment, and he claimed he was doing a new kind of experimental treatment on warts. He put a small drop of distilled poison ivy on my hip bone to cause an allergic reaction, then had me come back a week later and applied the poison ivy to several of the warts, (not all of the warts). Within a month all of the warts were gone.

    For a long time I assumed that the reason they gave me was why the warts vanished. Their theory was that if they made my immune system think the warts were causing the allergic reaction on my hip, it would attack the warts. After a couple decades of pondering it, I finally found the logical holes in that line of reasoning and began to wonder if it had been more of a placebo effect. I'm still not certain, but I think you are probably on to something.

    1. Thank you anon for your interesting comment. As Suzie infers below a placebo is powered by belief (of the placebo)

  2. Great post. Our daughter had a wart on her hand when she was small. My husband told her he was going to zap it and make it vanish. He pressed her hand between his and said something to the effect of, Wart be gone! Within a few days, it was.

    1. There seems so many ways to cure warts. I guess in Megan's case it was her trust and belief in her dad that did the trick.

  3. I can remember being told to rub a cut in half potato on a wart and then bury the potato. As the potato disappeared into the earth the wart would also disappear and it did. A placebo is maybe belief.

    1. Placebo = belief. I think you are right. Another good wart cure!

  4. I'm with you on this one.