Friday, April 20

Magic Which Brings Coincidence And Synchronicity

Druid magic ritual

As I see it the answers and creations found by practising some forms of magic or visualisation techniques are often brought about by synchronicity or coincidences. Here's an example of what I mean about a Druid called Adrian. He needed a solution to a problem and, after performing a ritual, the answer came about by 'coincidence'.

"Working magical rituals is incredibly powerful. One of the most striking experiences I've ever had using this kind of magic involved trying to sell my grocery shop.

After years of working there, I had enough of it, but could not sell it to anyone. Finally I decided to try magic.

I arrived at the shop early one morning and performed a Druid ceremony, which began with casting a circle amongst the cabbages and cauliflowers, sprinkling the circle with water from the sacred island of Iona in Scotland and burning sage as an incense.

I then opened my heart and begged the spirits to set me free. The ritual done, I cleared up and got on with the day.

Lo and behold, the following morning at 6 am, I arrived at the fruit market to purchase the day's produce and was accosted by a salesman who had just been made redundant. He told me he wanted to buy a grocery shop, and I offered him mine. Ten days later contracts were signed and I stood in the shop for the last time.

Magic or coincidence? I believe it was magic. I was finally free, and felt fantastic."

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  1. Interesting post,but what I have found out,when I really think about it,is that synchronicity is a kind of magic and it works best when you can put yourself in a 'go with the flow' state of mind.
    In other words you leave events in your life open,which I guess is something like the ritual state of mind,or even praying for that matter,because in effect what you are doing is asking and then releasing the events to God or the universe,or your higher self,to take care of the details for you.
    Whilst I'm not particularly religious,I do like psalm 23-"The Lord is My Shepard",because it sums up the attitude that you really must have to make synchronicity work best for you in your life.You really have to trust that the Lord,the ritual,prayer or whatever will guide you in the right direction for your life,but you can't really have preconceived ideas about how it will happen,because that will hamper you,
    It's more like those classes where a friend stands behind you and you fall believing 100% the your friend will catch you and prevent you from hitting the floor.You have to believe that life will guide you in the best direction,if you remain aware of the signs it sends you and then act on them...or at least see where they are pointing you.
    Synchronicity works best if you are prepared to trust where it is leading you,just like the friend who you believe will catch you when you fall.
    That's why I carry a Psalm 23 keyring,to remind me of the attitude I must have if I want synchronicities to guide me down life's road.
    Seems to be working OK for me so far...whoa!!! I'm falling .-)

    1. Don't worry you won't fall ...

      I agree with most of what you have written. What I have found though is that with visualisation techniques, magic rituals and so on is that the desired result often comes about by 'coincidences'.

      If you want something ... ask ... forget about it ... and it'll come about (often by synchros /coincidences)

      This is different to going with the flow and right attitude bringing about synchros. It's being more in control.

  2. Wow, love this story. Magical ritual as a way to focus: why not?

    Last night, we watched the best Hicks/Abraham video I've ever seen - law of attraction, revealing the secret, part 1. It's powerful.

    1. Haven't seen the video you mention, must look out for it.

      As for rituals I think they impress the mind by appearing more important than simply wishing / hoping etc.