Wednesday, October 3

Dream Directions To Belief

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I promise I won't go on and on about my kidney operation but this post is about a dream I had a couple of days prior to the procedure.

I awoke during the night, following the dream, and scribbled a few notes on a pad I usually have on my bedside table.

I had dreamt of a character from a British soap, Eastenders, called Billy Mitchell. It's not something that I watch though Karin does dip in and out of it occasionally.

Anyway, in the dream, a neighbour wanted to bring Billy to my house to show him how something works - not sure what this was. I got angry because I couldn't see why the neighbour couldn't take him to his own home, which is only a couple of houses down from mine.

But, no, for some reason I had to see how this procedure worked myself.

And that was the dream. Not much but it felt like I should investigate it more, no idea why, but it's best to follow instincts. Most of the dreams I scribble down just fade away into something meaningless.

I Googled the name 'Billy Mitchell' and found that the actor is called Perry Fenwick (Perry, of course, being my surname). There's not much about him on Wikipedia but it does say, " It was announced that he was to carry the Olympic torch on EastEnders, which was shown on the 23/7/2012 live." And the 23rd of July is my birthday.

So a couple of connections, of sorts there.

I then though I'd Google 'Perry Kidney.' And one of the search result surprised me as it was headed: Mike Perry Kidney Transplant.

This turned out to be a podcast from a US radio station WCQR, which is in the Religion & Spirituality category. Mike Perry (also my name) is a presenter and manager on the station and was about to have a kidney transplant donated by a listener.

I guess it may have been this that I was meant to listen to, being as I was somewhat apprehensive about my own pending operation.

On the four minute podcast the story is told of how Angie Moore was donating a kidney to WCQR's Mike Perry. It was, however, her trust in her God that impressed me. She was giving the organ because of her thankfulness for her own good health.

Angie's husband, Bobby, had already given a kidney to 'a stranger' because he felt God wanted him to do this. Both of them say words to the effect that God will look after them, and will provide for them in the future, should they ever need such a thing as a kidney themselves.

Though Angie and Bobby's version of God may be different to mine this did make me realise I had nothing to worry about with my operation. And that's the way it turned out.

I may well pay more attention to my dreams from now on as sometimes they can be meaningful.

As for belief: with belief we can conquer our personal world and, who knows, maybe the world at large.

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  1. ...and thus the universe points us in the right direction when we are tangling with something.

    1. I guess it's getting into the habit of becoming aware of the directions.

  2. Dreams can lead to some interesting insights if you pursue them like you did.
    That podcast was interesting,and I liked the slogan -
    Isn't that what life is really all about anyway?
    Wasn't one of your goals to see your grandson graduate from Uni? That sounds like an act of faith in many years of family fun to me.
    I like the word faith,it has more guts than the word belief,because to me anyway,it implies that while you may not have any concrete belief in what you are doing,you have faith in what you are doing,and back your intuition to carry you on,like a tightrope walker who is prepared to live or fall by trusting his thought process to deliver him to his goal.
    That's faith...wearing a safety harness on same wire would be more of a belief that you'll make it.

    1. Belief is also believing that you will complete the tightrope walk safely (even without a safety harness).

      Family to me is important: I'll have a brand new granddaughter in January as well. So I'll have to also pencil in her graduation as well - providing she wants to go to uni, of course - her choice.

    2. But to me faith is belief that is not based on proof,therefore if we went to the races to back a horse each and were asked why we chose our horses.I might say,"I don't know,but I just get this gut feeling that this horse will win and that feeling rarely let's me down". That would be having faith in my choice.
      You might say you chose your horse because it has the best jockey riding it,has the best form,and is from a good stable.That would be a belief that your horse will win.

      Belief is confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof,but still has something to point at that is a little more concrete than faith.

      But maybe that's just my belief.-)

  3. That's interesting as to where you were led by your dream. I've never tried doing this by using Google, must try. The radio station sounds a bit too happy-clappy for me but I get the message and how this helped you.

    1. Haven't really researched a dream on Google before. I understand by what you mean by 'happy-clappy'

  4. I think this is a really significant dream. Love that you used google to figure it out. Very interesting synchro about the other mike perry!

    1. Must admit I was surprised by what I found, especially the other Mike Perry!

    2. Keep that pen and paper handy on your bedside table Mike.I'd like to see more future posts like these,as I believe dreams are worth following up.It's often surprising what you can dig up by following their leads.
      I know a lady who told me her husband had a dream of winning lotto numbers,but he could only remember the first 3 numbers,so he wrote those down.I asked her how those numbers went in the real lotto draw and she said that it hadn't been drawn yet,as it was for this Saturday.I politely asked her if she wouldn't mind giving me those numbers so we could both check to see if any came up in the draw.
      She wrote them down as they had come up in the dream,eg. 17,23,11.That Saturday the first three numbers out of the barrel came out in that exact order.It spooked me to the bone,as I have never seen anything like this before,or since.None of us even played those numbers,because we thought he was just dreaming,even though he insisted that the dream felt different to his normal dreams.
      To my knowledge he has never had a dream like it since.

  5. Mike,

    If you want to go on about your kidney operation, please, by all means do.

    It's therapeutic and besides, I'm sure most who come here have no problem hearing about these things if you choose to share them.

    Scott McMan