Tuesday, October 30

Little Coincidences Make Up A Day

Little coincidence make up a day

Sometimes it's easy to overlook the small coincidences of our daily lives or to write off such things as being unimportant. But maybe they are indications that everything is ticking over nicely. Take last Friday, for instance.

As we set out for a walk Karin said that it didn't look like a certain neighbour was going to give us any apples from her trees this year. We normally freeze the apples, after being blanched, and use them in Karin's special (secret recipe!) German apple cake, in apple pies, as apple sauce and so on. "Never mind," I said, "Perhaps we'll get some from someone else."

We went about 200 yards and met 'the couple with the small dogs', as we call them. We're not certain exactly where they live but often stop to talk to them. The usual chat followed and they told us they had loads of apples on their tree this year and asked, "Don't suppose you want any? We don't know what to do with them all."

"Yes please!"

We carried on walking to our local town and as we approached the centre a woman was on her mobile and here final words as we passed her were, "We must tell Karin and Mike about that."

We didn't know the woman and she wasn't referring to us. We headed into WH Smith's to buy a newspaper. Inside the shop was the couple who live two houses down from us. "Glad we saw you as we had to tell you that ..." and they went on to describe what had happened after they had dropped in to see us the day before.

A man's dog had fallen into the river opposite our houses and he was trying to rescue him - an elderly chow. The man couldn't get out again as the river bank is quite steep. It also turned out the man had a heart problem and was having difficulties holding on to his dog.

As our neighbours told us, "If we hadn't have decided to drop in and see you yesterday we would never have seen the man and his dog and been able to help them." Quite a coincidence they thought.

 When we got home from our walk there was a huge bag full of apples on our doorstep.

That same afternoon I wanted to do a few things on the computer but after less than an hour decided I'd had enough. Wasn't sure why, but shut down the computer.  Five minutes later our door bell chimed it was our daughter-in-law and grandson on an unexpected visit. Perhaps I sensed their near arrival, who knows how such things work.

So little coincidences happen all the time and perhaps indicate that we are all a little psychic, telepathic and creators of our individual worlds - or you might, of course, mutter that such things are bound to happen purely by chance and are meaningless. But I know what I believe.

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  1. I know what I believe too, at least I think I do! I get confused over the difference between fate and free will.

  2. Love these "small" synchronicities. They're like connectors to something deeper. And now you've got apples!

  3. the apple cake sounds good. int series of coincidences

  4. RE:
    "Sometimes it's easy to overlook the small coincidences of our daily lives or to write off such things as being unimportant."

    How do you measure the size of a coincidence ?
    That's why I have this quote from "The Crow" on the sidebar of my blog,to remind me that nothing is trivial -

    "Little things,used to mean so much to Shelly.I used to think they were kind of trivial...believe me,nothing is trivial." Eric Draven
    (The Crow)