Tuesday, November 6

Julie's Coincidence And Synchronicity Stories

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Here are a couple of coincidences or synchronicity examples from Julie. The second has another level to the story, perhaps a link with a previous incarnation. See what you think.

(1) I was chatting with a friend on MSN, she's in Canada. We were talking about how we could each get to travel across the pond to meet up. Neither of us having the money to make it happen I said, "How about we come up with some lottery numbers."

"Sure," she said. I wrote mine down on paper. As I finished the last one I scrubbed them out and typed in six random numbers. As I looked up at the screen she had typed in the exact numbers in the same sequence.

(2) I wanted to connect with my niece Christina Crawford on Facebook so I typed her name and a few came up but none with a photo of her. No idea why but I clicked on one of them and before I knew it I had clicked to send a friend request to a stranger called Christina Crawford.

It turns out the Christina Crawford I clicked on shares the same birthday as me, we live in the same town, we were born in the same town in another county and our mums were both Wrens in the navy at the same naval station. We are so similar in nature and likes its freaky. But is it! We met for the first time last Friday evening and it instantly felt like I'd known her before.

~ Julie Croley

Thank you Julie - Mike.

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And for the USA: The kittens have voted already!

Kitten photo first seen on 67 Not Out Post Thought of the Day

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  1. Good ones. That last synchro is fascinating. It does seem to address the kind of instantaneous recognition that occurs when we meet someone we've known before.

  2. like the 2nd story + the kittens