Wednesday, November 28

Laptop Information And Toddler Coincidence

A coincidence story from Chris the webmaster at Supernatural UFO. It's about how information that we are looking for can pop up in front of our eyes in this Internet age.

"Today, something occurred which I'd class as a little weird or coincidental. See what you think.

As usual, I was searching the net for interesting stories for my website and, of course, I checked your blog and found the story She Died But Was Visited By Her Living Daughter. I’d decided that this would be the final story for now and I’d resume later as I'm looking after an 18 month old (and you know what they can be like!)

Anyway, all the time I’m working on my laptop, the little guy is sitting beside me on the couch pushing buttons and generally making things difficult so I was about to close the lid when an article popped up At the Hour of Death

Somehow the baby had managed to push a button or link and found me this story which, of course, I had to feature on my site.

After thorough searching, I did find the link hidden amongst hundreds of bookmarks on my computer, so this was obviously just a random event, but still, the subject matter was coincidental in my mind.

Most times, a toddler can be a distraction when working but this time, he got it right."

~ Chris

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1 comment:

  1. No such thing as a random event! Very cool synchronicity.