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Aliens In The Backyard: UFO Encounters, Abductions & Synchronicity

Aliens In The Backyard

My blogging friends Trish & Rob MacGregor have just published a new book Aliens in the Backyard. But before you say, "Oh, yet another rehash about UFOs and aliens," it's not! They have taken a different approach and as Trish told me, "We think we’ve written something unique." I'll let Trish and Rob explain:

"We’re excited about this book for a number of reasons. While the topic of alien abductions has been around for a few decades now, we take an approach that is distinct and unique.

In essence, Aliens in the Backyard is our third book on synchronicity, following The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity and Synchronicity and the Other Side. We haven’t seen any books that take a close look at the abundance of meaningful coincidences that often occur in the aftermath of UFO encounters or abductions. For Charles Fontaine, one of the four experiencers whom we focus on, such synchronicities were startling, mind-blowing. They also led him to us.

Beyond synchronicity, we uncovered a specific type of psychic ability that many abductees and experiencers developed in the aftermath of their encounters. We call them ‘planetary empaths.’ They are so attuned to the planet that hours or days before a planetary disaster – earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and even man-made disasters like 9-11- they experience a wide variety of physical symptoms and know that something big is coming.

We also explore the possible connections between an American naval base in the Bahamas known as AUTEC – Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center – and USOs – unidentified submerged objects – and the Bermuda Triangle. We have stories from people who worked at AUTEC about some of the incredible things they experienced. We’re also the only UFO investigators who actually talked to the commander of AUTEC about UFOs…and that was another synchronicity.

We started out the book in a way that might surprise some readers in that the first chapter deals with a trip to an island in southern Chile to investigate a ghost ship, the Caleuche. The legend of the Caleuche, which many islanders believe are based on real experiences, is closely linked to the abduction phenomenon in that the mysterious ship is manned by a crew of brujos, or witches, who abduct islanders.

Besides Charles Fontaine’s dramatic story that take place in Quebec, we follow the story of pilot Bruce Gernon, who was pursued by a ‘cloud’ while flying through the Bermuda Triangle. We also write about Connie Canon’s experience with aliens on a military base, and Diane Fine’s story of losing a baby during an apparent abduction.

While many serious books about ufology avoid the topic of abductions and rarely mention synchronicity, we pursue both topics with a sense of adventure. While the 'old hippies' of ufology might shrug and say, ‘Oh, another book about abductions…ho hum,’ we think we’ve written something unique. We think we have a winner!

~ Trish & Rob MacGregor

How To Get Aliens In The Backyard:
Aliens in the Backyard - Amazon Kindle Edition
Aliens In The Backyard - All e-reader formats
Aliens In The Backyard - Hardcover and trade paperback editions

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P.S.Coast to Coast AM radio show featuring Rob & Trish on YouTube:

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  1. Looks to be an interesting book. I sometimes visit their blog. Hope the book goes well for them, it's nice to hear about books by authors you know about.

  2. So I grab my morning coffee and top by your blog, my first stop, and there's the book cover and everything! Thanks very much, Mike.

  3. Anonymous03:12

    Listening to Trish and Rob on coast to coast; I have a suggestion for the abductees to pray 'God be in my and around me' and to purposely try to envision themselves in the presence of aliens while doing this. If you can picture aliens being repelled by this pray it may have power to protect them from further abductions. I also suggest wearing brass. I would love to know if this repels aliens. I wore copper at an extremely haunted work place and was never bothered. I made sure to always wear copper against the skin. Aliens and ghosts may be demons. Historically bacteria filled water was demon possessed and copper kills bacteria. I want to know what the flashs of light in the night sky do to people. Seen this many times and few times with a witness the day after I commented on the flash in the corner of my sky while looking at the night sky. Next day we both saw the flash in southwest sky at the exact same location. They had to have read my mind the night before. That spooks me. It's strange how I can sense when they are in the sky nearby and I'll look right at the spot, or I pray looking at the sky and they show up where I'm looking like a distraction. They seem to be bad luck. My life gets worse after a sighting. Do the Bell Trail in Sedona is you want to get close to them. Over Bell Rock at night you will see them guaranteed.