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Is 616 And Not 666 The Number Of The Beast Or Antichrist

616 not 666 is number of Beast or Antichrist

The Antichrist 666 is supposedly a human servant of Satan but have we got the number right? Some scholars now claim this should be 616.

I hadn't heard this previously but it appears that in 2005 a fragment of papyrus was revealed, containing the earliest known version of the part of the Bible's Book of Revelation - the section discussing the Number of the Beast. On this papyrus the number is shown to be 616 and not 666. Apparently the two different numbers reflect two different spellings of Emperor Nero's name - 666 and 616 being the codes for these two spellings.

Professor David Parker, Professor of New Testament Textual Criticism and Paleography at the University of Birmingham,believes that 616, although less memorable than 666, is the original. He said: "This is an example of gematria, where numbers are based on the numerical values of letters in people's names. Early Christians would use numbers to hide the identity of people who they were attacking."

Saddam Hussein
Throughout history many suggestions have been put forward as to who the Antichrist 666 may have been such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon III of France, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, Josef Stalin, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler to name but a few.

If you want to wage war it makes sense to create the enemy as an Antichrist to manipulate the population. I read that American fundamentalists did this by considering Saddam Hussein to be a contender for the title - therefore a 'good' justification to send young men to be killed in a war.

The British occultist Aleister Crowley was different. He convinced himself that he was the Beast 666. His new religion of Thelema was created to replace Christianity. Doesn't seem to have done too well though.

If 616 is really the number it puts the kibosh on Crowley's claims and those of many others as to who the Antichrist or the Beast may be.

Will we ever discover the true Antichrist? Actually some claim to have the answer:

Prince Charles the Antichrist
"One thing that would settle this question would be if a man appeared on the scene fulfilling everything else for the First Beast from the Sea in Revelation 13 and other prophecies related to what is called "the Antichrist". If we 'calculated' the 'number of his name' as instructed and it came to either 616 or 666 we would have our answer.

There is such a man. Prince Charles of Wales' heraldic achievement (coat-of-arms) literally consists of the very beasts described in Rev 13 and Dan 7, he is a Prince (Dan 9:27) and he is from the old Roman Empire that destroyed the Temple (Dan 9:27). 

So what does his name add up to? Rather than 616, his name adds up to 666 using the ancient gematria system. And not only does this work in the English, but also in the official Hebrew transliteration (Nasich Charles Mem Wales). What are the odds anyone would have a name that calculates to the same number in two languages (without tampering with the transliteration like is done to Javier Solana's name to make it equal 666 in Hebrew)?" Source.

Gosh! There we go it's been Prince Charles all along!

Mind you, Marvel comics have had a Multiverse in Earth-616 all along. To quote from the Marvel Wiki

"Earth-616 has all the features of our reality: same countries, same personalities (politicians, movie stars, etc.), same historical events (World War II, 9/11, etc.), and so on. However, it also contains new ones, such as countries like Wakanda or Genosha, and organizations like the espionage agency, S.H.I.E.L.D. and its enemy, Hydra."

But, whatever, treat 616 as 666 - just in case!

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  1. I've always found Prince Charles to be a bit odd but didn't realise he was the antichrist ;) My friend's house number is 616 will have to look at her differently now.

    1. Charles isn't my cup of tea and don't really fancy the idea of him being King, we shall see. Funny about your friend living at 616.

  2. Maybe the perpetrators of war are the true anti-christs! Interesting about charles, but he doesn't strike me as an evil man.

    1. Perpetrators of war being the antichrist rings true to me.

  3. Following my readings about occult symbolism, the W W W computing programm is 666 with Kabbale.

    W = Vav letter, numerical value = 6
    WWW = 666, the Beast's web, the ultimate trap to humanity.

    So 616 would mean an other thing ?

  4. As above,so below ?
    " 999 (1993). Whilst recreating a real life near-fatal parachute incident in which a parachutist tangled his equipment with the aircraft's landing gear before freeing himself, veteran stuntman Tip Tipping leapt out of a Cessna and crashed into woods near Ellingham, Northumberland, he was pronounced dead when medical staff arrived "

    The series got its name from the emergency telephone number used in the United Kingdom.

    So on the subject of Tipping,if you were to tip the number upside-down you get 666.
    Then again maybe his number was just up?-)

  5. I have the curious situation of 616 being my birthdate (6/16) as well as my last name being Kaiser. Should I be concerned?

  6. As well as a disturbing number of past life tests and readings, well they told me in my past life I was freakin' Adolph Hitler!

  7. 616 or 6I6 I being number 9, 6 upside down so same thing just a little diversions. That marvel 616 is pretty interesting.looking into Roman numerals I've also noticed VIVIVI is commonly used and also NNN which is playing with the VIVIVI mirrored

  8. Anonymous00:39

    i want you guys to wake up...what if i told you that papyrus 115 sais that 616 is the number for the beast ....the beast is xic christ jesus in greek is XC IC or the christogram how well do you know your greek take this name ΙΗΣΟΥΣ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ and put it into numbers the greek associated with them...we have been worshipping the beast for the past 2000 years why else would the gods eostre and astarte and mithra would have a golden holiday on easter and christmas christianity came from the egyptians...IHS the roman catholic monogram even stands for Isis Horus and Seth ...dont believe me the why in the crap does the rc church have pagan idols and symbols in their worship services omg you need to wake up the truth is here finally...