Tuesday, February 5

Mevagissey The Two Saint Fishing Village In Cornwall

Mevagissey Harbour Cornwall

It's winter here in Cornwall but at the time of writing this it's actually dry, but very cold. Karin and I decided to head down to Mevagissey, which is about 7 miles from where we live, for a walk round the harbour.

Entrance to Mevagissey Harbour

Mevagissey is a small fishing village, though today is mostly known for tourism. In the summer it's heaving with visitors but today there's hardly anyone about - which is nice!

The strange name of Mavagissey is a combination of two saints: St Meva and St Issey. The 'g' in the middle is taken from the word 'hag' which is the Cornish word for 'and.'

Light beacon at Mevagissey Harbour Cornwall

A settlement has been here since the Bronze Age but the first mention of the name was in 1313.

It is still a working fishing harbour as can be seen by the photo above, and the picture below shows the buildings where fish are landed for sale.

Where fish are landed at Mevagissey Cornwall

Mevagissey has an inner and an outer harbour. The beacon at the end of the outer pier shows the way for boats. On a clear day a lot of the coastline can be viewed from here.

View from harbour pier at Mevagissey Cornwall

If we venture down the narrow streets away from the harbour itself there are old pubs and shops. The Fountain Inn to the left of the photo below dates back to the 15th century and ...

Narrow streets of Mevagissey

... offers traditional fish and chips.

Traditional fish and chips signs in Mevagissey Cornwall

There are other pubs like the Ship Inn and several restaurants and small take-a-way shops.

Ship Inn Mevagissey Cornwall

Tourist usually flock to the small shops with pottery, artwork, antiques and the like.

The Loft Mavagissey Cornwall

And a final look for today at the inner harbour and some of the small boats.

Mavagissey harbour Cornwall

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  1. Love the pics. I have been to Mevagissey but a long time ago. I remember there was shark fishing and the catch was brought in by the boats to the harbour side.

    1. I remember the first time I ever went to Mevagissey, long before I moved here, watching the sharks being brought in to the harbour. Crowds used to gather to watch.

  2. I love these virtual journeys! I want to have lunch @ this place!

    1. We used to go to a pub on the harbour front for lunch but haven't done so for a long time now. The village has had flooding recently because of all the exceptional rain we have had. A few of the shops are still recovering.