Tuesday, March 12

A Telepathic Link Or A Coincidence?

A reader's coincidence story today from Katharine from London - or is it something other than a coincidence? A telepathic link with her sister perhaps?

"This is my coincidence story.

I drive to work each day from my home in North London. As I always leave plenty of time for the journey I usually arrive at work early. I then sit in the office car park and read a magazine or something until it's nearly time to start work.

Last Thursday I followed the same routine but while sitting in my car I could hear the continuous beeping of a car horn and there was a lot of traffic noise. This was strange as the office is in a reasonably quiet area. I didn't think anything of this but the car horn kept on sounding.

After about five or ten minutes my work mate, Angie, pulls up in a space alongside me, gets out of her car and into my passenger seat for a chat. I asked her if she knew what all of the traffic noise was. She said she couldn't hear any.

I said she must be able to hear the horn beeping but she said she couldn't. We got gossiping about different things and I forgot all about the noise.

After work the same evening I went home as usual and my sister phoned me. She said the bus she used to go to her work was in an accident that morning. I asked her what time it would have been. She said about twenty to nine, which was the time I would have been sitting in my car outside my office.

But then came a stranger thing. She said the driver of the car involved in the bus accident was very angry and kept beeping his horn over and over again as he couldn't open his car door.

That's my coincidence. I heard the sound of a car horn over and over again at the same time my sister was in the bus accident. My office friend couldn't hear anything but I could. I'm not psychic or anything  and nothing like this has happened to me before.

(My sister wasn't hurt and there were no serious injuries in the accident)"

~ Katharine

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  1. Both! We're all intuitive and it looks like Katharine tuned in to her sister. She heard the horn, but her friend didn't. It's a great synchro, too.

    1. I agree, it's both and we all have these talents though often dormant.

  2. a weird one mike must be a sort of telepathy

  3. I have been recording " coincidences "[ personal ] for one and a half decades .. it is too streeful wish they did not happen;.. anyone interested? ...