Thursday, March 14

His Dead Son Visited Him As A Butterfly

Peacock butterfly

Ricky Tomlinson, 73, is an English actor and comedian whose son Clifton sadly died of an excess of drugs and alcohol when aged only 33. Ricky says that his son still visits him from beyond the grave. This is his story.

Ricky Tomlinson
"It would be wonderful to see Clifton for ten minutes. But he comes to visit me quite often at night - he comes and sits on the bed. I don't see him but his physical presence is there.

I'm not a lunatic and I think I'm pretty rational. I don't drink, I don't smoke or anything like that. But he comes quite often. I feel him, it's just the weight of him.

I'll tell you a story and I'm not bothered whether you believe it or not.

I've got a little place in Wales where I go now and again, generally to do a bit of writing. It's a little one-bedroom cottage and I went there on his birthday, the 4th of December.

It was snowing and howling and the trees were getting blown over. It was dreadful, absolutely dreadful.

I got there about 11pm. I lit the fire and as I was sitting there a butterfly came in. In December! It's impossible, there are no butterflies in December, but it came and stayed with me all night.

I put my hand out, I wanted him to come and sit on my hand, he wouldn't. But he stayed with me all night and I just thought that this was wonderful. I felt his presence, it was Clifton. I was made up. I loved him, he was a cracking lad."

It has been reported that Ricky donated £1 million pounds to the Alder Hey Children's Hospital. This was towards a unit where parents could stay while visiting their sick children. He is also known to have donated £200,000 to the Cheshire & North Wales Human Milk Bank.

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    This song is inspired by a couple who Pete knew in Australia. He says that tragically the woman contracted terminal cancer and on the night of her funeral her partner was sitting on the bed staring out of the window when a butterfly flew through it and landed on his hand. The reason why this was so poignant was because "butterfly" was the nickname the man used to give his partner. Even stranger was that it was in the middle of winter, a time when you do not expect to see a butterfly. The song is about coping with a loss such as this.

    1. Interesting Darren. When I went home after my operation last year there was a butterfly in my office, even though all of the windows were shut here.

      Also a butterfly sat on my friend's coffin as it was carried up the aisle. My friend's wife said to the vicar, "I told you he liked animals."

      Much meaning with butterflies.

    2. Actually Pete only tells the story behind the song in that clip.You can hear the song he is talking about here -

    3. Thanks for the link.

  2. Beautiful story. Butterflies have always struck me as symbolic of transformation. They start lives as ugly little things and turn into such beauties. And to find one in the middle of winter - or in your office, Mike, when the windows are shut! Off to check out Daz's links.

    1. The butterfly which impressed me most was the one at my friend's funeral - it stayed on his coffin. I think transformation is right - ugly ducklings into ... whatever.