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The Rainbow City Built By Martians In Antarctica

Rainbow City

I like a little fantasy but maybe, just maybe, some fantasies have a little truth about them or, there again, they might be first degree codswallop. Take Rainbow City for example.

Rainbow City is an ancient Martian City right here on Earth, most of it is made from a form of plastic, a bit like Lego perhaps.

And where is this city? Somewhere hidden beneath the icy wastes of Antarctica. It's actually only one of network of Martian cities built over two and a half million years ago. The other cities are now abandoned but Rainbow City remains inhabited by a few of the original colonists who made their way to Earth.

It is said that warm springs keep out the cold and ice walls 10,000 feet high guard it from intruders.

Believable so far?

The first information received about Rainbow City arrived in the 1940s in the writings of William and Gladys Hefferlin and the document was appropriately titled the Hefferlin Manuscript.

It seems that Will and Gladys learned of the city from their contact with Rani Khatani who is supposedly one of the Ancient Three who govern this Martian refuge.

And where are Mr & Mrs Hefferlin now? Well, it's rumoured that they are now living in Rainbow City and are free from old age and death with thanks to very advanced Martian medical sciences.

Now you may be wondering why the Martians would want to build a city in such an inhospitable place as Antartica. Well this is what the Hefferlin Manuscript tells us.

Millions of years back Mars was an okay place to live but their ancients realised that the planet was dying and it's oxygen and water was getting in shorter and shorter supply. It became a necessity to move, so they packed some of their bags and headed for Earth.

Mars surface
Mars surface today from NASA
The Great Ruler of Mars sent a fleet of spaceships to Earth and they settled in the area we now know as Antarctica. Here they built seven cities each of a different colour but Rainbow City, the greatest of them all, was made up of all of the colours of the rainbow.

At the time Antarctica was a good, warm place to live, but a great catastrophe of some sort occurred and the Earth was tipped on it's axis. The survivors of this disaster had to abandon all but the Rainbow City and tmany settled in the northern hemisphere and gradually lost there technological knowledge.

Only Rainbow City remained - and remains to this day.

The original inhabitants had great knowledge, even millions of years ago. One of their most remarkable inventions was the portal a closet-like room with two doors that would warp space and deliver people or cargo to any point on the globe when the user merely concentrated on the destination.

They also built thousands of miles of subways deep beneath the Earth, going under oceans and continents. Train like vehicles would fly down these tubes by a form of vibrational power, travelling at two thousand miles per hour. The Hefferlins actually discovered the end of one of the subterranean branch lines near their home, some two hundred feet or more up the side of a mountain west of Sheridan, Wyoming.

I guess it's becoming a little harder to believe now, what with that convenient branch line to Rainbow City being conveniently placed for the writers of the Hefferlin Manuscript.

But ... Antarctica once being free of ice has some support from science and some 20th century secret occult orders say that Antarctica was once called Isuria and was home of an advanced society destroyed by an immense catastrophe. Some also claim that this was where Atlantis was positioned.

Oh, and even 1970s neo Nazi organisations claimed that the Antarctica was a base for flying saucers - secret craft designed by the Third Reich during the war and ... had links to secret underground installations in South Africa and South America.

Nazi UFO over Antarctica

So you pay your money and take your choice: complete fiction or an element of truth hidden away amongst a lot of debris. Just think, plastic houses and roads - Legoland has these! They've even got an Atlantis Sub Store ...


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  1. i like fantasy and sci fi and todays post was v interesting for me. some of it could be true :-)

  2. Very interesting read, I don't believe any of it but I enjoyed reading

  3. Best story of the day! Thanks:)

  4. Fascinating post and well, who can say for sure, right?

    1. Who knows what lies hidden under the ice ...

  5. What a fun post! It reminds me of... "If you build it, they will come."

    1. "If you build, it they will come" Now there's a though for the day.

  6. Anonymous16:38

    The Easter Islanders (when you can get them to stop telling you what you want to hear) claim to have come from Antarctica, before the cold. They say it's the source of 'The Mana' that was used to move the moai.
    From the book, "Mysteries of Easter Island" by Francis Maziere

    1. Interesting - thanks, must look for the book.

  7. It's really fascinating. I wish it's real so that people can smile and be happy.

  8. Maybe if this really exist every people in this planet will be amazed.

  9. I like the photo. It looks magical.

  10. Fantasy is very attractive. I like it.

  11. Anonymous19:16

    Well i for one believe that truth is far stranger than fiction, and in this case its apt. There is too much written from different sources for there to be, at the very least, a grain of truth.
    Added to the fact that our skies are full of spacecraft and inter-dimensional apparatus all of which need some sort of outpost here on Earth so where better than down in our South Pole, where the terrain is pretty rough to be just happening across the place. And from what i can gather expeditions to the south polar region usually end up in catastrophe, just like a recent attempted trek there by some of our ex/current forces lads which was halted a few days ago citing stress for not being able to continue.