Wednesday, March 27

St Denys St Dennis Cornwall 67 & 76 Coincidences

St Denys Church at St Dennis Cornwall
St Denys Church, St Dennis, Cornwall © Mike Perry
On Monday my post was about a walk Karin and I did near St Denys Church at St Dennis - this actually took place on the 20th of March.

We drove our car to the village of St Dennis and on the way we passed through an area called Foxhole. Karin said this was where one of our friends - with whom we had lost touch - had moved to, and about how we hadn't seen her for well over a year.

We didn't know where she lived but I noticed a black sports Mercedes in front of us and said, "That looks like Amanda's car." And, sure enough it was, so we followed her! How strange that we should be both driving along the road at exactly the 'right' moment.

In the evening I was reading my newspaper and looked at a set of numbers on the back page. If these are entered on their website they earn points which can qualify for certain free shopping vouchers.

As regular readers will know 76 and 67 are important numbers in my life. One of the numbers, see below, was 76. Not much of a coincidence but for some reason I added up the digits: 3+9+5+4+6+6+7+2+7+6+8+4 and they equalled 67!

I know these two small coincidences aren't exactly very impressive but, as you will have read on Monday, we also reached St Denys church at exactly the 'right time' to be able to go inside - it's normally closed during the week - but someone just 'happened' to be there to let us look round. Plus the bells in the church tower were dated 1167 and 1176!

Some days the pieces just seem to fit.

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  1. Impressive! You call these synchros small, but to me they're impressive. You're in the flow, i the groove, moving in the right direction.

    1. Thanks Trish. I like the idea of being 'in the flow' - it interests me as to why this happens at certain times, why the 'batches'?

  2. I am absolutely fascinated with your posts about numbers 67 and 76. I've been experiencing synchronicity more frequently since I started visiting your blog a few months ago. I really like it, even though they are mostly minor synchros like the one you mentioned in this post.

    I've been into synchronicity for a while. I read a lot about it on the internet. From your experience, do you think that synchronicity will happen more and more frequently if we think about it or we wish it to happen? Is it possible for something to happen if we really want it?

    Greeting from Serbia!

    1. I feel that once we become aware of synchronicity it does happen more frequently. Though this probably applies to most things we concentrate on or think about. It's maybe why we should be careful as to what we think about!

      As to whether we can make something happen I believe we can. Usually with the help of visualisation and belief. All things are possible.

  3. I'm impressed by the synchros as well. That's a lot for one day. Photo looks quite eerie.

    1. For creepy churches,it's had to go past
      Chiloe Island,off the coast of Chile.

    2. Thanks Suzie - it is kind of creepy in the dark or on a dull day.

      And Darren - thanks, have seen your Chiloe Island post - but I've actually seen St Denys for real!

    3. Then maybe it's time for a walking tour of Chiloe's churches,Mike?
      Now there is an idea for a post.-)

    4. Ah now, that would be something Darren - I'll add it to the (long) list.