Saturday, April 27

Coincidence Of The Golden Memories Hidden In The Jumble

Old books amongst jumble

Here's a coincidence story received with thanks from Geoffrey G. Amazing how such things happen, some will say that it must have been meant to be - perhaps to generate memories of days gone by.

I was fund raising for our local church group, something I often do, and was sorting out books taken from bags of jumble. As I'm interested in books I skimmed through some of them as I sorted. Sometimes I see books I'd like for which I make an appropriate donation.

I discovered an old book with a certificate stuck inside. Maybe nothing too peculiar about this as books are often given as prizes in schools.

But this one was different because it had been awarded as a prize to my wife by her Secondary School, under her maiden name, over 20 years ago!

When I got home later that day I showed her the book and it was definitely once hers.

She could remember having the book when she lived in Hertfordshire before we ever met. This was over fifteen years ago. She had no idea what had happened to the book since then. She presumed it had been thrown away.

We now live a long way from where she remembers last seeing the book and none of her relatives live nearby.

How this book turned up in a bag of jumble collected for charity and sorted by me is anyone's guess. But it kindled lots of school day memories for my wife.

~ Geoffrey G.

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  1. It certainly pays to look in old throw away bags -

    " The Sunshine Coast Daily understands that the $50,000 was found yesterday when a man took a suitcase to the charity store counter with the intention of buying the item for the $5 price tag.
    On inspecting the bag, the store clerk is believed to have felt around the corners of the case before finding the money in a hidden compartment."

    1. Now that is some story! Karin's father always said there was gold on the streets waiting to be picked up. It's probably why she finds so many coins!

  2. Oh wow, what a treasure, as I love my books. Found myself almost tearing up here! Great sharing Mike!

    1. I love old books, the feel, the touch, the small. Can't get that on Kindle!

  3. The lost item returns to the owner: I love these stories. And that's quite a story about the 50K, Daz!

    1. 50K now that would be special!