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70 Million To 1 Odds Against This Happening

Identical twins
Joshua reaches out to touch his identical twin James
Sharon Turner recently gave birth to quads, but with an added bonus - they were two sets of identical twins. The chance of this happening are pretty remote, the experts quote the odds of being 70 million to 1.

Sharon and her husband, Julian, from Berkshire in England say, "It's like a dream."

Julian Turner, one of triplets himself, was at the birth and described it as being, "Slightly like an out of body experience. Being there and watching was unreal."

When Sharon first realised she was pregnant they believed they were having just the one baby. It wasn't until the 12-week scan that the nurses told them they were expecting quadruplets. They were stunned but overjoyed. The doctors, however, had a different reaction.

According to a Daily Mail report specialists at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford gave them three options: get rid of all of them, get rid of two of them or keep them.

Mrs Turner said of this, "There was no way we could get rid of them. We were happy to let nature take its course."

Things with the birth didn't go smoothly. The doctors discovered that Sharon - who was not due to give birth until mid June - had pre-eclampsia so on March 30th an emergency caesarean had to be carried out.

James, Joshua, Lauren and Emily were born safely, weighing in at just over 2lbs each. Fortunately all of the babies have survived and are doing well. Their father said, "We are ecstatic, words can't describe the feeling. It's all good news. They are doing well and getting bigger and stronger which is the main thing."

Now comes the difficult bit, shopping they say is bewildering. Julian said of this, "I suppose it starts to hit home when you go to Mothercare. When you tell the staff you're having four, they just look at you blankly."

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  1. That's a pleasant story, so their must be better chances of winning the lottery than having quads. Lets see, what would I prefer :)

  2. Two sets of twins,wow! What's next for this family?! :)