Tuesday, May 28

Observing What Is Often Missed

Pentewan Beach Cornwall

We walked to Pentewan Beach, Cornwall and found we were the only people enjoying the freedom, other than someone in the photo collecting shells.

The tide was out and the now exposed rocks were green with seaweed and looked as if they were replicating the cliffs in the distance.

Tide out in Cornwall

Some of the rocks were covered in mussels and other limpet like shell creatures waiting anxiously for the tide to turn.

Mussels on rocks in Cornwall

We walked to the cliffs where we spotted a sunflower painted on the rocks. This reminded us to look more carefully at the abundance of the wild flowers growing freely.

Flower painting on cliffs at Cornwall

Flowers in cliffs at Pentewan Cornwall

Wild flowers cliffs at Cornwall

Yellow flowers on cliffs at Cornwall

And many more besides. Returning from the beach we stopped at one of the seats to contemplate the small harbour at Pentewan. Seems it was only us in such a contemplative mood.

Pentewan Harbour Cornwall

Sometimes it's good to wander, without thinking of time, and observing what is often missed.

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  1. My Belgian friend Ringo put my on to this
    website a week or two ago -


    and oddly enough I'm up to Rooms 3-8:
    Cultivating A Spirit of Wander -


    All my blogging friends seem to be going on these walks with a cell phone camera and documenting their walks with their thoughts included.
    Here's Ringo's recent walk in Belgium -


    and King Uke's walk in the English countryside -


    I like this trend as I get to see parts of the planet I will probably never get to see in this lifetime and see it through each individual's perspective.

    1. Thanks for the links. When bloggers put their own pictures up somehow it seems more real than the travel guides - you see what they see.

  2. It all looks so peaceful compared with where I live it's like a different world. I like the idea of walking along a beach with no one else around.

    1. I do appreciate the peace! But from now on the tourists start to arrive and Cornwall changes.

  3. I love these forays through Cornwall. Cell phones make it all so immediate and feasible.

    1. I like all self taken pics I see on blogs - like those of your dogs!

  4. ["Sometimes it's good to wander, without thinking of time, and observing what is often missed."]-Mike

    I so agree!! Thank you for allowing us to enjoy this with you two!

    1. My pleasure - thanks for the company!