Saturday, May 25

The Ghost Who Throws Boxes At Wellington Market

Wellington telford
Wellington Market in Telford, England was established way back in 1244 - so no wonder there are ghostly happening from time to time. Take the case of the falling boxes at 2:22 a.m on May 4th this year, for instance.

Kay Boaky, the market manager, explains, "Basically, we came into the market in the morning and the boxes were all over the place, on the floor and over the stairs. We thought there had been an intruder so we obviously went straight to the CCTV.

"We couldn’t believe what we saw. The first person who watched it was the caretaker David Chapman.

"I came in two minutes later and he said: 'Boss you need to see this.'

"All the hair stood up on the back of my neck. There was nobody there when the boxes fell off. We watched it again and we could see the shadow walking up the stairs then chucking the boxes over."

Well that's Kay's version of events, but see what you make of the CCTV for yourself - it's only slightly over one minute long.

The manager went on to say how there have been other ghostly sightings in the building, "Sometimes there are strange things that go on when people are alone, some people say they have seen a shadow go past them. Once there were two people alone in the market, they were talking when they heard coughing coming from the other side of the building. They thought there must be someone else there but when they looked around it was totally empty.

"We also have times where the hand-dryer starts on its own or doors slam."

So ghost or no ghost?

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  1. All I could see were falling books.
    If there was a ghost,I couldn't see it.

    1. Books and not boxes - interesting :)

      Try full screen, as Trish has suggested below - though it's not easy to see.

    2. I did try full screen and I couldn't see a ghost.
      I think it's easy to let or imaginations run wild when such poor quality grainy film is used.
      I do believe in ghosts,but I don't believe that I can see one in this film.

    3. Okay! I think, in lots of cases, we see what we want to see.

  2. I had to put it on full screen and block the glare from the window behind me before I could see the shadow. It's not easy to spot. Very eerie.

    1. It is difficult to see, but there is some movement when seen on full screen.