Friday, May 24

I Ain't Never Did No Wrong Coincidences

Young Elvis Presley in black and white

I've mentioned previously that I like old rock music - some would call it rock and roll - this includes the early music of Elvis Presley before his Las Vegas shows and churning out those awful movies.

My favourite Elvis song is One Night, I won't go into reasons why, draw your own conclusions - but it brings back a shed load of memories.

On the car radio today they actually played the record - as they used to be called. Later in the day I found out that there is synchronicity attached to the record's release in 2005.

One Night was originally released in 1959 but was re-released on what would have been Elvis Presley's 70th birthday in January of 2005. This immediately went to the top of the UK charts - and this is where five coincidences materialise:

1. The single became the UKs 1000th Number One in the charts.

2. This made Elvis the first artist to spend 1000 weeks in the UK Top 40.

3. It was the 300th record to make it's maiden Top 40 appearance at Number One.

4. This was Elvis's 1200th week in the UK's Top 75.

5. It was Presley's 20th Number One.

A neat numbered coincidence package.

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  1. Great Elvis synchro! So Elvis would now be 78...hard to believe.